CABAL Bingo tips and tricks

Ahoy! Cabal bingo has finally arrived to the European server, and so have my tips and tricks for that. So let’s begin! Well, the basics, in case you were too lazy failed to read the description on the website. Each of the tasks you complete give you a reward, which you can view by clicking on the appropriate field. If you complete all tasks in a line, in a column, or in a diagonal line, you receive extra rewards, which you can view if you click the little gift boxes. You can use force gems to skip any of those, which, if you ask me is a huge ripoff of players. Anyway, that’s just my opinion. Now let’s start with the first one: you must play for some time. That includes being logged in. From my experience, you can just spend that time playing, or leaving your computer to work, as long as you’re logged in you should receive that. There are rewards for gaining DP and AP, those are pretty obvious, so I won’t talk about them. Finish a dungeon, well that can be any type of dungeon. It’s really easy. If you do a mission war, and get enough score to receive a reward, you’ll have all 4 of those tasks completed, which is once again pretty easy.

The hardest parts are probably the ones that require you to loot tons of alz, and to kill monsters. Well, the only advice I can give, is to make use of the long-forgotten equipment that used to be a crucial part of every farmer several years ago. Those are the jewelry of seven coins, and the miraculous items that increase the alz drop amount. In my opinion, IC2 – radiant hall is probably one of the best places to do that.

The good old fire traps farming. The good thing about fire traps, is that they don’t move. They will stay right where you leave them, which is a really good opportunity, considering that if you equip an alz drop set, well you’re probably going to have trouble surviving anywhere else. Therefore making use of ranged attacks, you can keep killing those without putting yourself in harm’s way, since every class has some ranged attacks. Another nice method for that, is to farm chaos arena. You’ll be killing dozens, if not hundreds of monsters in a run, and they all drop alz. It’s difficult to use alz drop items there though.

You can also kill monsters in eternal chaos arena, but you won’t find any money there, so that won’t help you with both at the same time. And I left the remaining 3 tasks to the end, because there’s something I have to note here. Each of your characters has a different bingo board. That means you can complete those tasks on any of your characters AND even make a new one and do them. This can lead to amazing rewards. I’ll talk about that soon! Upgrading items: actually, the ingame bingo has a little mistake: in the 4th line of the 3rd column, you have to upgrade a chaos equipment, NOT extreme upgrade something.

In the one next to that, you are needed to upgrade anything else. You can just buy a novice item from any NPC for 400 alz and use an upgrade core low on it and you’re done. As for the chaos upgrade, you can just buy any chaos item from an NPC, or upgrade your reward for killing monsters. The best way is to upgrade the arcana you receive using the chaos cores you receive, since those are all account binding items and you can’t sell them, so you won’t have to spend anything on them. Winning a PVP battle is the easiest one. Just ask anyone to help you, challenge them for a duel, and ask them to use a return stone. You can also return the favor. Those are the goals that take almost no effort to finish, and you can easily do them if you just switch to any of your characters. You can even create a new one! That way you will basically have infinite cubes of enchant at your disposal, increasing your chances for extenders and perfect cores. Just make a new character, give it some upgrade cores and chaos cores, grab some items to upgrade and ask one of your buddies to let you beat him in PVP.

You might want to give him some return stones too… it would take pretty long to kill anyone on lvl 1. Before you start creating new characters like mad, I must point out that I don’t know if that counts as bug abuse or not. If it IS bug abuse, you can get banned for it! ONLY do that at your own risk! Well, there you go. You know every tip I can give you about bingo at this point. Now go and complete some Good luck!.

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