Cabal 1 minute crafting guides – Part 2: Request system (Basic Crafting)

Ahoy! This is the 2nd episode of my crafting guide series. Today I’m going to show you the basics of the request system, formerly knows as basic crafting. First of all, to open the interface you must talk to Chloe in Port Lux, and select the request craft option. In the top left corner, that icon with the heart and the hammer shows the amount of amity you have. Those blue categories under that, contain the recipes. The numbers in their names indicate how much amity you need to start crafting in that category.

If you open 1 of them, you can see the things that can be created. The white ones are already unlocked, and the red ones cannot be crafted until you register the recipes for them. The registration fee shows what you need to do that. It’s always a certain amount of alz, that can often be replaced with Chloe’s tokens. I’ll talk about getting those later. If you click the little star next to a recipe, it will be marked as a favorite.

You can filter the recipes using those buttons up there. If you select any of the items, once again an example item will be shown on the picture to the left, and the ingredients you need will be shown next to that. Red means you don’t have them in your inventory, and white means you do. The little clock icon shows the amount of time it takes for the crafting result to be revealed, and under that you can see how many points of amity you’re going to get for crafting.

The good news is, you get that amount whether your craft is successful or failed. To start crafting, press the request button if you have the required items in your inventory. That occupies a slot on the right. Normally you have 2 slots, but if you have platinum premium service or blessing bead plus, you can unlock more slots. The request all button fills all of those slots, as long as you have the components on you. If the crafting time is over, you’ll see if the result is a success or a fail on the right.

To clear that slot, press the complete button, or the complete all to clear all the slots. In case of a success, the item is moved to your inventory, otherwise you can just try again. If you’re attempting to craft tons of stuff, just tick the repeat box and it will automatically keep crafting the item until you run out of materials or inventory space. The good news compared to equipment crafting is that there’s no such thing as energy. ou can keep crafting all day long if you want.

Also, the success rate is fixed for every item. And 1 more point is that you don’t have to pay anything to progress once you reach the next category. The bad news is, that you can’t craft anything that you don’t have the amity for, and that you’ll no longer gain amity for crafting items in a previous category. Also, registering the recipes might a fortune later on. Now, one last thing. I promised I’d tell you how to obtain Chloe’s tokens. You have to talk to Chloe once again, and take the daily quest from her called new material development support. If you open the crafting window once again, at 0 amity you’ll see the item for that daily quest. You must spend 3 upgrade cores of highest grade for 1 of those tokens. tokens. You have 100% chance to succeed fortunately, and then you just have to turn in the quest. Due to that being a daily quest, you can only receive 1 of them each day, which is a major limiting factor when it comes to crafting items later on.

Well, I believe this is all you need to to know to being crafting. In the next episode, I’ll focus on tips on how to progress with crafting: to increase your amity the cheapest possible way, and to highlight some useful or profitable recipes. See you soon! If you found this video helpful, please consider sharing it, or subscribing to my channel! Ahoy!.

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