Adding music to Cabal jukebox

Ahoy! Someone asked me how to add music to Cabal. Well I didn’t know anyone was actually interested in using the ingame music player, but I hope this video will be useful for those who are. Now if you press the button J in the game it brings up the jukebox. As you can see that’s the one that plays the map themes as well if you start it. Uhm lemme just increase the volume so you can hear it. [Bloody Ice theme] If you switch to another mode from BGM, you can see that I currently have no other music files in there. But that can easily be fixed. You only have to navigate to your game’s folder. As you can see up there, Cabal online, open it and look for the folder called jukebox.

Now it’s empty for me, but let me move something here. The song from my videos’ outro will do it. All right, now it’s there Buuuut there’s a little problem, this one is an MP3 file as you can see. If I open the jukebox ingame it won’t recognize that. As far as I know it only knows the extension OGG. That’s the main reason why nobody’s using that. Anyway, let me convert this to OGG. I’m using Pazera audio and video converter for that, it’s a freeware, but you can use any audio converter software you want. I’ll just drag and drop that file there aaand select OGG. And I’ll also bump up the bitrate…96 kbps is pretty low. Now let’s hit the convert button aaaand wait for it…. Juuuust a second…. I don’t know why that’s taking so long anyway.

Ah there we go! Now if you go back to the game, and refresh the jukebox a bit, you can see that it’s actually there. Well it’s a little bugged for me. but normally you shouldn’t do that while the game is running. Inspector Gadget might not like any converter software anyway. Ah there we go! So, if you convert your files to OGG you can actually listen to them inside the game, but still, I think using a different music player is much simpler.

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