A tiny tip to make some alz before the Cabal update

Ahoy! Recently a post has been made on the official cabal website. I’m sure most of you are aware that the next episode is coming soon, and this appears to be in connection with it. If you open the post titled CABALOG:March Mania, you’ll know what I’m talking about. You must scroll down a bit, and there’ll be a message telling you to reach level 200 soon. I’m pretty sure that’s a reference to the Overload mastery, which will allow characters to improve their stats further after level 200. However, the part that I’d like to give you a tip about is the upgrade system. The new episode will allow us to upgrade our items until +20, instead of +15. As you could probably guess, that is going to take more than a few upgrade cores. So, I would recommend keeping whatever upgrade cores you find until after the update, s I’m absolutely certain the moment the server is brought back after the maintenance, people are going to start upgrading like crazy, and the prices of all upgrade-related items will skyrocket.

So, you should start stockpiling your cores either to upgrade your items yourself, OR to just sell the cores at double price and make some money that way. I hope you’ll find this little tip useful, and I wish you good luck whichever way you choose! If you found this video helpful, please consider sharing it, or subscribing to my channel! Ahoy!.

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