Blade & Soul Where Can I Find The Blight Fang? ( Farm Spot )

Hey guys, real quick video showing you how to acquire the much sought after Blight Fang. So, Blight Fang is a heroic tier item used mostly to transform your Hongmoon weapons and accessories, it can also be used to craft some of the weapons from the forgekeeper as well, if you’re into that. Either way you’re going to need this in quite a large quantity, so listen up. You’ll get a fair amount of Blight Fang just from progressing naturally through the game. Even well into the Cinderlands you’ll be getting it as a quest reward from the main scenario so just keep going if you want to get a decent amount of it from the start.

Of course you can also get it from the marketplace at pretty jacked up prices, and you can also get it from the hongmoon store if you’re that way inclined. And if you need any more Blight Fang after that you’re going to have to farm it, and luckily there’s a really easy spot to do it, if not a little bit monotonous. You can farm it at will from the first Heroic dungeon in the game, Blackram Narrows, but you can ignore the heroic rating because it is complete faceroll when you’re in a group. Don’t bother doing this solo cause you won’t be rolling against other players for the Blight Fang so you’ll be slowing your farm down, always go in as a full group or as close to a full group as you can, either as a premade or using the cross server dungeon group finder. Anyway, before you start your first run of the day make sure you pick up your daily “Getting the Axe.” it’ll give you an extra Blight Fang on your first run of the day. Then proceed to smash crash and bash your way through the dungeon, make sure you talk to the NPC really early on after the first mini-boss, otherwise you won’t finish your daily, continue on and kill the blob of a boss at the end.

When you do beat him you’ll complete a dynamic quest which will reward you with a chest, make sure you accept the reward before you leave the dungeon otherwise you will lose it. The chest has a guranteed Blight Fang in it amoung other goodies that probably aren’t much use to you after about level 20 and along with your daily which also gives you a guranteed Blight Fang you get 2 on your first run and after that you will only receive one per run from the dynamic quest. Therefore I suggest if you have more than one character capable of doing Blackram Narrows and you wanna cut down some farm time, use different characters, pick up their daily and then just farm it like that. Even if you’re not that interested in the Blight Fang I would still recommend farming Blackram Narrows at least 10 times for the achievement. You receive the achievement after defeating the Devourer, the final boss of Blackram Narrows 10 times. The achievement gives your character a permanent increase of 400 HP which is nothing to sniff at. So that’s it for Blight Fang, I hope you found this of some use.

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