Blade & Soul Where Can I Find The Beast Hunter Outfit?

Hey guys quick video showing you where you can find the Beast Hunter outfit in Blade and Soul, which is one of my favourites currently available in the game. The outfit can easily be farmed from Boss Vilray, the Boss of Lair of the Yutay on Songshu Isle. Before you go in, stock up on Viridian Escape Charms to use at the end of the dungeon to speed up your farm a little. They’re only one copper on the marketplace at the moment so why not? Also in the video I’m level 45, but it can be pretty easily soloed when you first arrive here through the main scenario, though obviously not as quickly.

So either jump over, avoid or kill the trash on the way, and bomb the Boss Vilray down. He’s the one that’ll give you the outfit. It took me 6 tries to get the outfit at about a minute per run, so it’s pretty quick though I have no idea what the actual drop rate is. Anyway, hope you found that of some use, if you did let me know via a like, comment or subscribe thanks for watching and happy hunting..

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