Blade & Soul: Naryu Foundry (Hell Furnace) Guide – 1st Boss

Fire Wall 4 x cc > Flip so that the boss will not touch the fire wall boss heal 5% upon contact with the fire wall; 3 fire wall touch = enrage Flower Phase at HP 91%, 61%, 31% Total 8 flowers on field; assign 2 members (i am one of them) to step on 3 flowers; 1 member to step 2 Go to middle after stepping on 3 flowers The boss shot something at the furthest member (Assassin/Summoner, who go into Stealth) Boss lift all party members, except for the assassin/summoner (who step on 2 flowers, in stealth now) Assassin/Summoner cast party protection to help party members resist the slam down.

Boss HP is decreased by 7% x 2 after absorbing the 3 stacks flower debuffs from each of 2 party members Try to keep the boss at the middle at all times so that the cc > flipping can be performed easily Stepping on the flower will induce burn status; use i-frame or damage resist buff to avoid that; 3 stacks of burn status deal very high damage over time Touching the firewall will also stack burn status on you; SS or i-frame to avoid it Boss likes to teleport away, then teleport to the back of the aggro holder.

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