Blade & Soul: Naryu Foundry Guide – Final Boss (Part 1) DPS POV

Hell Furnace Final Boss Guide Part 1: DPS POV Take note that the boss is facing 3 and 9 o’clock (east & west) with Blade Master as the tanker Tail Swipe (back) > Wing Strike (front) Marking 2 nearest members; if you are not the ball drivers, please stay at least 3m away from boss Left Swipe x 2 > Right Swipe Flame Thrower (cannot be blocked) Boss turn towards 12 o’clock (north), a warlock is standing far away (not in the view); boss jump towards the furthest member (to the warlock) Warlock/Summoner cast bind immediately to keep the boss in place Fixed sequence: Jump to furthest member > Flame Thrower > Jump to tanker Take note that boss only turn when he is about to start the fixed sequence of jump > flame thrower > jump (unless the tanker lose aggro) Guard >Push back Although the boss is bound at the middle, the AOE of the jump will still be at the furthest member; the binder need to resist the damage.

The tanker need to reposition himself exactly at the middle of the square, so that the position of the boss will not change; tanker need to i-frame to resist the jump damage. Boss goes into Burst Mode after 2 min (faster attack, higher damage) Triple Spin Suction > Stomp The boss moves to the side slightly if the tanker does not move back to the middle for the jump; might affect the ball drivers (details in the guide) Boss is cooled down (by ball driving); burn stacking is reset; boss goes back to normal mode Boss will jump out of the square if the bind miss/fail. No big deals though; he will jump back after the flame thrower; tanker need to stay put at the middle Part 2: Ball Driving Guide will be shown in a separate video.

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