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Oh fuck Welcome back friends from A2G Today we will see the last class left, the Kung Fu Master This class, the kung fu master is the one that is rated 5 stars in terms of difficulty on the character creation page for the simple reason that it dosen’t do much damage with single hits, you have to do combo to do damage Even so, i have found that this class is very fun to play maybe i’m biased but it gives you the feel that you are playing a kung fu master by using jump attacks very special and effectives combo that have nice animations oh, and they have rotating kick too They jump and punch the ground every time an enemy is on the ground it’s very nice to see Given that you have low health compared to others, you have to use the counter ability a lot because it’s the only way you have to defence yourself given that you have to face to face the enemy you can do this which is a nice combo to do, let them fall and jump on them here the rotating kick which i love They have really though out about this in the sense that you really have the impression of being a god because every attack you have has nice animation that makes the enemy fly away with such a brute force so you really feel that you are a kung fu master you have combo that can brake an arm like if it were made of paper LOL which is not bad actually All of this is good but still you have to remind that this is not an easy class to play even if you can counter like anything if there are a lot of enemy, some of them can attack you from the side or the back where you can’t defend yourself given that the counter only works in the front so you are not mobile as other class like the sorceress where she can move in circle and still hit the enemy you can move a little but still it’s not the same so you are primary stationary enemy at a time like i was saying because you have to take one enemy at a time Given all of that, if you know how to play this you have at your disposal one of the most powerful class in my opinion as the time passes, you will unlock other abilities that can be comboed with others without problems and cripple the enemy a lot!!! You will become essentially a stun machine as i said every ability work well with others ability so that you can create your own style of martial arts It really gives a nice feedback in my opinion, are at playing this far better than other class because it’s very based on how good you are at using them let’s kill all of these golems because we can!!!! let’s proceed to see how well this class works it’s very huge still we can do this oh, minions…..

i will not surrender one at a time i will kill all of you!!!!! this is what i was saying earlier, it’s not easy to take a lot of enemy at the same time there will be always someone who can attack you given that you can only defend if you face the directly you will need to focus on one at a time especially on pvp the aoe attacks will appear only if the enemy is down Ah a flamethrower how nice this is one thing i like about blade and souls, where you have some little gimmicks like the flamethrower and other weapons you normally can’t use come here baby So in the end, after repeating a lot of stuffs i can honestly say this this class is ok in solo but it’s more designed to be played with friends/parties has the best animations of all the class you can create your own style of martial arts which will be different from others based on which set of combo you want to do and in what order and so if you don’t know what to do after playing an easy class i can recommend to play this at least once it’s really worth it checking it out, more if you are a martial arts fan like me ok guys i hope you liked what i showed you thumbs up if you have liked it or thumbs down if you don’t subscribe and share and comment about what are your opinion on this that is all for now, i’m jokky and i will see you next time

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