Blade & Soul Don’t Buy RNG Boxes

Hello guys, I wanted to make a video today concerning the new RNG loot boxes that have crept their way into the cash shop. So for those of you who haven’t looked yet, the Winter Frenzy chest is now being sold in the Hongmoon store, and I, among others are a little disappointed by it. The main item in the chest that people will be after is the black padded coat, but mixed in with the costume are a huge amount of largely worthless stuff that’s easily acquirable in game, like potions, unsealing charms, keys, all the really basic stuff that you wouldn’t actually spend money on given the choice. On top of this you can acquire Moonwater Transformation Stones. I know some people feel this is a little bit iffy but honestly I don’t really care specifically about the stones, I don’t think it leans the game anymore towards P2W than it already was with the ability to trade Ncoins which has a number of benefits so I don’t really have an issue with that.

Now, I don’t really like the costume that much so I’m under no inclination to buy the boxes anyway, and people could argue that if you don’t like them, don’t buy them, and then the people who do like them can buy them and everybody’s happy. But are they really? No. Randomness in the cash shop makes no-one happy but the person selling it. RNG boxes are very much gambling as I imagine we all know, the house always wins.

Not on an individual basis mind you, there will be those lucky people who get the outfit on their first try, and there will also be people who open a ton of boxes and never see the outfit. There are already stories emerging of people spending 3999 Ncoins with 28 boxes and receiving nothing. That the equivalent of £40 which is more or less $60 for those of you across the pond. Ignoring the fact that these people will be left feeling frustrated and cheated, on average, NCSoft will receive more money per costume. So this tells us they want to charge more for their costumes, which is a little surprising considering their current price is relatively high considering you can only have it on one character. So if they want to charge more, why don’t they have all the costumes on the store for this higher set price that they think they want to charge.

And the reason is, because if people saw the actual prices that they’d have to pay instead of the RNG boxes then they wouldn’t pay it, so what do they do instead? They hide the true price by offering a lower priced chance of getting it, without mentioning what the chance even is. Just that it’s more than 0. There’s a complete lack of transparency on their part and it feels like nothing more than an attempt to coax the consumer into paying for something they otherwise would not have paid for if they were given all the information. It’s shady, and does nothing but hurt the consumer. Something else that struck me as a little bit odd was the absence of these boxes from the Hongmoon Coin section of the store.

It is exclusive to the Ncoin, why? Excluding the ability to pay for premium, up to this point the currencies have been fairly interchangeable, and whilst I dislike RNG boxes entirely and do not want them to be bought with either currency the fact that they can only be bought wiht Ncoins diminishes the value of Hongmoon Coins. If you want this costume, you’re going to have to pay for it.

I haven’t yet come across anyone who has been able to purchase a costume or anything expensive from the Hongmoon store yet, so most people I imagine are sitting on less than a thousand Hongmoon Coins. Say someone doesn’t want to save up the Hongmoon Coins to get an actual costume from the Hongmoon Store and instead they see the RNG boxes on the Hongmoon Store and they think, well I might as well have a couple of goes at that, it doesn’t actually cost me anything if I don’t get the costume theni don’t actually lose any money.

But this person lucks outs and on the first box they open they get a costume for free, a costume that NCSoft values at whatever they’ve decided based on the odds and the price of the box itself. The cynic in me believes that this is intentional, and have purposefully not give people the chance to get lucky without paying any money. Which is not really an issue in itself, I think that people should pay to support the game in some way, but simultaeneously they are willing to not give anything to people in return for their money. Now we can always go back to the counter argument that if I don’t like it I don’t buy it and then the people who don’t mind spending the money for whatever reason, can continue to purchase them. Maybe they have a lot of excess money or maybe they get a thrill from gambling, who’s to know.

AllI will say is that by participating in the RNG, you are willingly allowing game publishers to take advantage of you and your money. Not only does it hurt you, but it hurts the rest of the players and ironically the longevity of the game. It’s difficult to bring up this sort of… questionable business practice without mentioning Archeage. Now, I accept that the RNG boxes are nowhere near as shitty as they were in Archeage. But anyone who played the game at launch will tell you how offputting Trion’s slimey business practices were. And I personally quit the game rather quickly because of them. My final concern is that it seems to be the same trick that Trion used early in Archeage, in that it seems to have just been slipped in. I don’t think many people were expecting there to be RNG boxes in the cash shop, especially this early, but it was obviously planned since before launch.

Why wasn’t it there at launch? And why are they introducing it now? Did they think that people might be put off if it was there at launch? And if so there’s some acknowledgement there that people don’t like it, enough that they thought that people would be willing to no play the game if they weren’t invested in it, and they saw that in the cash shop. Is this sort of thing going to trickle into the cash shop slowly in the hopes that people don’t notice? I don’t know. I can only beseech players to not participate in it. I know this is probably falling on deaf ears for the people who do buy the boxes, but by not providing a market for this rubbish you tell NCSoft that we do not want this.

By testing the drop rate, by having just a couple of goes because you have some NCoins left over and by opening them non-stop until you get the costume you tell NCSoft that you are OK with this, and they will continue to sell you these trick boxes. Speak with your wallet people, and don’t be taken advantage of. I’d like to clarify that my views aren’t exclusive to Blade & SOul I think this about all RNG boxes and I don’t think that NCSoft is the worst thing in the world either. I just think that they’re taking advantage of a market that’s there as any successful business would. My issue is that the market is built on deceit and a lack of respect for the consumer. So not an entirely happy video today, but thanks for listening anyway. If you have any thoughts on the topic, whether you agree with me or you think I’m making mountains out of molehills, make sure to put a comment down below and I’ll see you in the next one.

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