Blade & Soul: Avalanche Den (Yeti Cave) Guide

1st Boss Method A: Ranged class attack the boss while circling around it Melee class kill the mobs, pick up snowball and throw it at the boss After the boss sustain a certain amount of snowball attack, it will fall down Method B (recommended) Need 2 players with long range disabling skill of similar attribute Both players glide towards the boss together, and use the skills together to disable the boss After the boss is disabled, Lyn Blade can Force Grab the boss down The boss will not do anything if you attack it at close range 2nd Boss Clear the mobs on the right side first; stay close to the right wall to avoid attracting the boss After clearing the mobs, other party members move up to the bridge A party member stand near the entrance of the bridge (yellow circle) and lure the boss up.

When the boss is within range, use long range skill to lure the boss. Use SS to dodge his charging and move up the bridge quickly Now the others mobs are jammed under the bridge The mobs appearing on the top of the bridge has low HP; can be cleared easily with aoe skills Final Boss: Yeti HP – 4,010,000; Berserk time – 400sec; Recommended attack for 4-man mode – 550+ Basic Attack Pattern Aside from Big Jump and Small Jump, all other basic attacks have 180 frontal AOE.

The skill animations are pretty slow; can be easily dodged by moving/resisting/blocking DPS class can just stand behind the boss and deal damage safely; just watch out for the jumps Disable Frame: After the boss open his arm and use the stun skill. Disable Frame 1: When the boss moves backwards Disable Frame 2: After performing big and small jump, during the butt scratching Special Skill: Heat Suction The boss jumps to the middle and does a heat suction; aoe pull followed by weaken effect This will induce a “low temperature status” on all party members The boss will then grab the main T and throw him/her.

The “low temperature status” on the Main T will be dispelled, and a new “hot air” buff will be added The boss will then follow up with 3 x jump attack + 1 final big jump After the big jump, the boss will generate hot air underneath its feet. The “low temperature status” will induce Freeze on the affected players after 20sec. Players who are frozen by “low temperature status” will be killed by the boss’s big jump. Hot Air Absorb – Approach A Resist the initial weaken status with i-frame or status resist skills After the boss throw the main T, the main T should not wake up; all party member should move to the main T to get hot air and dispel their “low temperature status” After dispelling the “low temperature status”, SS immediately to dodge the jump attack The Main T wait for the knockdown status to be ended automatically and SS; it will be just right to evade the jump attack as well Avoid the big jump with Ice wave, dandelion or any other resist skills Hot Air Absorb – Approach B (recommended) After the boss use “Heat Suction”, main T move away from the boss immediately The boss will fail to grab the main T; and instead jump towards the main T.

When the boss is preparing for the 2nd jump, immediately disable the boss to stop his attack (DO NOT GRAB) The boss will use the big jump attack after this The hot air zone will be created underneath his feet after the big jump attack for party members to dispel their ‘low temperature status” (don’t get too far away from the boss) The main idea of Approach B is to force the boss to use his big jump attack (to create hot air zone) before the 20 sec timer on “low temperature status” is up. If somehow the main T is grabbed by the boss, then revert to Approach A Special Skill 2: Cold Suction After stomping a few times, 8 ice circles will appear on the ground. Step into the ice circles to eliminate them Stepping on the overlapped area will eliminate 2 ice circles at the same time. You can leave 1 ice circle to save time and does not affect battle.

If the ice circles are not eliminated in time, the boss will absorb the ice circles and use continuous freeze to kill players After using Cold suction, snow flakes will appear on the screen. When the snow flakes appear, use ice wave, SS, Q,E, and other resist skills to resist the freeze of death If you are frozen by the snow flakes, you will be killed by the subsequent big jump. Step on the hot air zone on the ground to increase attack.

When the ice circle appears, you can also kill the nearby mushrooms to get a bomb to eliminate the circles Boss Battle Demo Destroyer starts with double disabling and lift. Boss jumps to the middle, ready for the 1st Heat Suction Use skills to resist weaken status Main T SS to get away from the boss After the 1st jump, double disable to cancel boss’s 2nd jump. Stick to the boss and attack; force user ready to use ice wave Step into the hot air zone for increased damage. Ready for the 2nd Heat Suction 3rd Heat Suction; During the 3rd Heat Suction, the boss will not grab the Main T; he will use jump attack directly Double disable to cancel the 2nd jump For this jump, force master will not use ice wave; evade the big jump with individual dmg resist skills.

Cold Suction When the snow flakes appear, force master cast ice wave QE, SS or any damage resist skills to resist the big jump Stop dps when the boss hit mil HP. Wait for the boss to stomp and step on the ice circles If the boss Hp is lower than 1.2mil before the 1st round of ice circle appears The boss will immediately use another round of Cold Suction after ice stepping, causing party wipe Force Master should not step on more than 1 ice circle; to make sure he can cast ice wave in time during Cold Suction.

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