Blade & Soul Are Summoners Overpowered? My Thoughts

Hello guys, bit of a different video today and I wanted to give my thoughts on the Summoner class, in particular whether or not it is currently stronger than the others. If you’ve looked at any Blade & Soul forums or the subreddit, it’s pretty difficult to miss the salt regarding the class; They’re OP Blademaster exclaims in all caps after a string of losses vs. Summoners to which there is always a you just need to git gud from a Summoner. If you understood the class, you wouldn’t have these problems.

There’s an element of truth in that. I think the more you experience and understand a class in Blade & Soul, the better you will do playing with or against that class. So rather than taking someone else’s word for it I decided to create a Summoner and discover first hand what it was like to play, in the hopes I could discover A. if there really is a problem and B. If there’s an obvious way to counter the class. Before I move on to my experiences with my Summoner, I want to just start by saying the class I got to 45 first and have racked up the most play time with is Destroyer, and I never really saw the issue with Summoner, until I started to play Force Master in PvP and then I started to see a little bit of what people were saying.

So I rushed to level 15 to unlock PvP, and then I unlocked training points which took me to level 16 and that was my starting point. I had not read or watched a guide, nor had I found a build or even had the points or skills to fully flesh out a build anyway. My first games were laughably easy, 5 wins in a row without losing a round. At this point I ran into a pair of level 45s and lost a couple of rounds but this did not discourage me at all. By this point I was starting to get a little bit comfortable with the class, the timings and the pet management.

I’ll just show you my win to loss ratio here, most of the losses were from level 40-45 players who seem to have built specifically to counter Summoners, whilst the wins were from everybody, including level 45s. Remember at this point I’m level 16-18, I’m missing 11 skills and 28 skill points. After I reached Gold Rank I thought that was the appropriate time to start looking up stuff about the class, looking up builds where to put my 3 skills points and just little tips to help summoners along. So I spent maybe 15 minutes doing that, I found out about Sunflowers, my god, and then I breezed my way up to 1700 rank. At this point I felt a pinch in player skill, people started to counter me more and I started to lose a few rounds and I sort of hovered around 1700 after a few games, so I decided to stop there.

I probably could have pushed a little bit further, if I spent a little bit more time practising the class, maybe levelling up a bit to get a few more skills to counter them back, but I didn’t think it was necessary because I thought I had already found what the main issue with the class was. That is that the Summoner class has virtually no skill floor. In other words, pretty much anyone can pick up the class and do well with it. When put into the hands of an average player they can beat better than average ranks and beat better than average players of another class. When put in the hands of a terrible player they can stand toe to toe with average players. Not once did I feel under the same pressure that I did when fighting a good opponent in the arena.

You could tell it was always an uphill battle for them and you could make several mistakes before you really had to put your game face on. I found it difficult to pinpoint exactly what made the Summoner so strong, in my opinion it’s because they’re the only class that plays drastically different to any of the others. They have a bit of everything, they’re 1 or 2 ranged classes, they’re 1 of 2 classes with access to stealth, and they’re the only class that has access to a pet.

The pet is the big one, fighting what is essentially a 2v1 is so wildly different to any other matchup, and through the combination of latency, poor targetting and just the general confusion that comes from having to watch more than one target at once. It’s harder to watch for animations and you’re going to end up whiffing some of your cooldowns on the cat just wandering into your CC chain by accident and it leaves people feeling quite annoyed. I feel I’ve picked up a few incredibly basic tips that might help people out.

First of all, anything that can burst down the pet in a flash is going to severely handicap the Summoner, but once the pet is dead be attentive because they can be resummoned, the Summoner only needs about 5 seconds uninterrupted to get it back into the fight. Certain classes like Destroyers and Blade Dancers are natural counters to Summoners, they’ve got pulls, they’ve got good AOE damage and they’ve got good CC and Destroyer in particular has really good single target damage as well for if you need to burst one of them down.

I think the best advice I can give you though is to piece together a build specifically for Summoners. Since the class is so different it requires such a different build, for example, you might want to pick up a skill that places unconscious on an opponent. I think every class has at least some access to it, and it basically just takes the cat out of the fight for the duration of it, it puts pressure on the Summoner, they’re going to try and force you to wake it up but whilst they’re doing that they’re going to be paying less attention to other things. Whilst you’re making all these changes to build and playstyle to accommodate Summoners, there’s not that same necessity for the Summoner to do the same for you, and this just sort of reinforces the point that Summoners have such a low skill floor in comparison to the other classes and I think this is the main issue. I think that Summoner is currently too strong because they require far less effort to acquire the same results.

Obviously take what I’ve said with a grain of salt, I’m a self titled average PvPers, I’m hovering around 1800 on my Destroyer which is my main so I don’t have a vast knowledge or experience, nor do I have a Summoner at 45 which i think works for and against my argument. My experiences don’t tell me what the class is like in comparison to the other classes at the higher skill levels. For example I often read the argument that the Korean top 100 is fairly balanced among classes, so Summoner can’t be overpowered. But bear in mind this is with the level 50 cap, different balancing and these are the top 100 in Korea. They’ve had real access to the game for a lot longer than us, they’ve got far more experience and far more knowledge than the average American and European player so I don’t think it’s fair to use them as a metric.

It will be good to hear what high ranking Summoners think of the class, and also higher ranks of the other classes as well whether they have problems with Summoners or not. Also i’m aware that there’s an upcoming patch on February 10th and that’s set to bring in more balance. I don’t know the ins and outs of it but I’ll piece together another video in the future looking more at the Summoner class and hopefully I’ll have a little bit more experience with it and I’ll upload that some time after the patch is up. Anyway I hope you enjoyed listening to somewhat of a rant but mostly a sharing of my experiences, if you have any thoughts on the class, agreeing with me or otherwise pop them in the comments section and if you enjoyed the video leave me a like or a subscribe. As always thanks for watching guys and take care.

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