Blade & Soul 10 tips I wish I knew as a newbie

Hello my little slackers! since my last video, i been asking around for people to tell me : One thing they wish they knew when they were newbies! so, in this video we will go over some of them, and hopefully learn from each others history xD Of course, i can’t start this video without saying that… YES, the main answer i got was people wishing they knew how the BnS evolution system worked from the beginning apparently a lot of, us -cough- you ended up throwing away your hongmoon weapons or replacing them with various… blues, or purples that you got along the way until you finally figured out, or someone told you, what you have to do. I am not gonna go thru this in detail but… i’m just pointing out that YES, i know. we all had that problem, we went thru it! Congratulations! (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง one of the most useful replies i got was this one the fact that socketing your weapon gets gradually more expensive as the weapon evolves for up to 5 hammers and 2 gold, from the only 1 hammer and 8 copper it asks for at lvl 20 ,, I wish i knew my alts are public” in BnS a simple F2 search of your name will reveal all your characters and all their details…

so… yeah. if you wanna go trade repair hammers for pantsu shots, in jadestone village …you might as well go with your main. *pervert* (¬‿¬) ,, i wish i knew earlier” i can claim anything from the daily dash or cash shop on any character so many exp pots gone to waste xD and about these pots, i wish i knew they don’t work on hongmoon lvls before wasting one to discover that :< ,,Achievement bonuses” some people weren’t or still aren’t aware of the fact that you have to choose and activate which achievement bonus you wish to use you can only have one at a time, and it might give different values depending on what you have completed. to activate simply click on one of the available ones ,,i wish i knew” that collecting samples for the gathering guilds while leveling its worth your time they give quite a lot exp, and they are in areas where you will be questing anyway starting crafting asap in this game is important as it takes time to lvl both the crafting &gathering guilds and if you can get some exp and gold while doing it, why not? there are plenty of guides out there on the subject, so don’t be like ,,us” and if you are a newbie Look into it when you reach Jadestone village ,,Things i wish i knew” about transmuting from the beginning! the 1st encounter with this feature proved pretty disappointing for many not aware of the RNG factor involved crafting elements is the only one that wont cheat on you on the contrary, you can get extra elements or special more powerful ones like this one if you are lucky.

stuff changes when we go lower on the list though when crafting the costume boxes there is a chance you will get just 1 fabric instead of the outfit pouches it gets even more annoying with gem transmuting this can fail, and when they do, it takes your gold and soulstones too while giving nothing in return. so yeah, with the current soulstone prices these burned quite a lot of newly lvl 45s they should add a warning somewhere <.< lots of people ,,wish they knew” what is profitable and how/what to farm for example, i see many people still not understanding how much money you can make from crafting and that you only need a lvl 11 alt to run to jadestone village and is enough to max crafting and make profit get farming you Slackers <3 the blade and soul skill interface is pretty original, and…

A bit hard to get used to with some of the skills never even showing on the skill bar so it didn’t really come as a surprise to hear that many people had problems remembering that the Q and E skills existed and they wish they were more aware of it since they were newbies here is something many people still don’t know wearing your faction dobok while doing doing arena, will make the kills you get there count towards the faction kills achievement, making getting the Unrevealed achievement a bit faster this is the one that unlocks the option to buy the infamous assassin mask from your faction NPC this is the mask that will hide your identity to the opposite faction allowing you to be as annoying as you want without worring about your reputation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you should’ve seen the hilarious say chat before people knew that this mask exists or what it actually does ok…that…

doesn’t count. NO. you get points for honesty… ok, i can agree with that! but it still doesn’t count >.< seriously? seriously… you guys are hopeless (>ლ) OK my little slackers! thanks a lot for watching hope you enjoyed, hope you learned something and please SUBSCRIBE for more videos! See ya next time ^.^/.

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