[Blade and Soul]15th Floor Boss. Naksun(Forcemaster for Begineer)

Hello Everyone :3 Today We’ll gonna How to catch Naksun Easily Nowadays(2016) All of KR server players can easily catch him so… I prepare the item looks like weapons :3c I didn’t replace the other items(can’t find item like new_players) so i just replace only weapon. And ‘Accuracy’ Status more than 116% for his not dancing with ‘Miss’ verdict Naksun good at dancing with ‘Miss’, so If you wanna see it down your accuracy less than 116% +) one of the other prepare item for mistakes and if your status too low 13th floor NPC lyn sells Drinks – Kaoliang(Resist 3sec), Soju(25% attack raise), Hongzhou(Cooltime initialize) Skill setting was not important but You might be interruping Naksun trying to Drinking while Phase 2 So hotkey ‘3’ and ‘4’ skill setting like this would be ease to catch him :3 Other skills setting just focus on DPS Oh almost Forgot…! Setting SD-Barrior skills set 3 point(L) OK. Ready to start… in 3 2 1… Go!! First Use Hotkey ‘3’ to faintng and frost his leg 4sec with Fire mode Hotkey ‘X’ and ‘V’ to gathering ember stacks Naksun first attack fist, then he turn back and Swiping legs Use ‘Tab’ key Counter his swiping He Swipe and using Counter so use the ‘Q’ or ‘E’ key get away more than 5m After Counter, He using Comet strike Frost mode ‘Z’ and ‘X’ to frost his leg, and batter him when He can’t move!! Now He Drinks Rice wine and going Phase2 when His health rate less than 90%(1.14m) When He almost finish his drink, Use ‘Q’ or ‘E’ Key to resist Knockback.

Now Get away from him less than 9m And Use Frost Barrior(C) to resist throwing his glass He threw 4 glass then, come closer to him and use double-tab ‘SS’ key Return barrior with maintance distance less than 9m He’ll Throw glass again :3 Special pattern – He drinks Kaoliang(Flurry) or Soju(Throw glasses) Use ‘3’ or ‘4’ keys interruping his drink_(If we failed interrupt, his status will raise) Soju pattern is Throwing 4 glass, but we use the barrior a few sec ago ๐Ÿ™ You can drink some potion or Kaoliang(Resist 3sec) if it hurts ๐Ÿ™‚ circle around to evade his following(with Freezing him) Now Barrior(C) Cooltime has turn back Important thing is Use ‘SS’ key after he finished throwing and trying to attack fist one-two In this time, He drinks Kaoliang(Flurry) Flurry is hit 4 times, and final attack was hit You’ll gonna mounted.

Use ‘Q’ or ‘E’ to Evade last flurry hit or Use fire mode ‘Tab’ key to counter His Health-rate less than 47%(0.57mil), He’ll going to Phase 3 Phase-3 pattern 1. Throwing in front him 5m Changfeng(knockback+Daze) 2. Rush-Comet Strike(Daze) 3. Comet Strike(Knockback 8m) 4. Counter (Attack when You away from him less than 5m, but not more than 8m) and here comes the Special Pattern He reposition center of the field, and pull us in front of him and Knockback You can evade using ‘Q’, ‘E’ Key or Use Frost Sheath(V) or ‘Tab’ Key of the Frost Mode after he finished pulling off, He use flurry with falling icicle So choose wisely, if not …… You know what I mean? If you expert using Q,E timing, Use Q,E with Frost Sheath to evade this pattern completely ๐Ÿ™‚ 5.

Straight Jab (Before using S.pattern) 6. Turn back + Swipe legs ‘Tab’ key to counter but miss ๐Ÿ™ 7. SS(Frost my legs) and back to the 1. Circling is the most important things to Force-master trying distance from monster ๐Ÿ™‚ Okay S.Pattern When He positon in middle trying to gathering Ki like GoKu :3 Counting 3seconds when he saw you and talk about skill name USE ‘Q’ or ‘E’ Then wait 1seconds and USE ‘E’ or ‘Q’ Now You successfully evade with QE Use the Frost sheath to resist icicle and flurry Ah, Crap…

He use S.pattern Again?! Don’t worry We still have FrostShield(Tab) skills and Kaoliang(resist 3sec) FrostShield(Tab) is 10sec protection skill So using this You can resist all this pattern. MicroTips) You can Use ‘3’ key while he jump to use S.pattern His legs are freeze, and He can’t watch me So we can make him dull 4sec Use Q,E and Frost Sheath(V) <- don’t forget this one :3 Oh His Icicle effect freezing my legs :O But don’t worry Even Q,E was Cooltime that I can’t evade Using ‘SS’ key can evade in this time But if we further than 9m… He use flurry so watch it carefully and Use ‘Tab’ to counter We beat Him, Yippee!

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