BDO – The partial secret to dealing damage as a Musa


There are musas who feel they lack damage because they often fight very high geared opponents and there are also those musas who look at guides and never think out of the box. They just follow the same combo, playstyle and RMB spam.

Most encounters happen when you’re grinding and have mobs all around you and node wars (siege excluded).
What most musas seem to miss is the extreme usefulness of Blade skills. Three of them, in particular.

Blind Thrust: This skill gives you 30% crit chance buff for 10 sec with a 6 sec skill cooldown. The crit chance buff translates directly into % dmg buff. (Ofc Rng is still Rng)

Dragon Bite: Dragon bite has an addon that gives you 20% crit chance buff for 9 seconds. The downside to this is that any addon buff/debuff only works if you hit something. In PvE this is no problem when getting contested or contesting. In Node War it comes down to skill, finding that one guy you can poke real quick for the buff (or use a barricade to get the buff)

These two buffs together stack you with 50% more damage for 9 seconds. It scales with whatever AP you have and lets you melt people (and grind much faster, 500 Conc. Herbal Juices per hour fast + 100% Z-buff uptime).

Blooming: Blooming has a +15AP addon that is well worth taking after you learn how to keep yourself buffed with at least Blind Thrust. With both buffs, that +15AP is +22,5AP

Now let’s go back to Crescent Blade.

E-Buff: The buff that doesn’t seem like much, but there are some secrets to this. I’ll get back to it.

Crosscut: The +10% attack speed addon that doesn’t seem to do much… It’s the opposite. That 10% alone makes your crosscut cancel itself 3/4 of the way in one direction. The follow up skill Backflow can be used almost instantly (without a “cast-time”) with the speed buff. Using Z-Buff has an interesting effect because that total 30% attack speed buff makes the skill about 3 times as fast. The difficulty comes (when E-Buff is active) from alternating between A and D in a rythm so it’s being used as fast as the game allows it.

Below the belt: Has a +AP addon (unsure if +15 or +10) which can be used with higher upkeep and much more safely than Blooming

Combine all this, which is pretty easy to do (except blooming) once you get the hang of it, gives you a lot of more melting power.

E-buff: +20AP -> +30AP when buffed
Below the belt: +10AP -> +15AP when buffed
Plus the 50% more damage from everything else.

The best you can get is full Critical EZ-Buff (pun :D )
Fyi 5 crit rate + 30% + 20% = 70% crit chance.

Believe me, you can quickly delete people with that ez buff D:< with balanced geearscore, obviously, if you didn’t realise that.


Cyclone Slash (Suggested by @HOMRAH ): This skill has the 20% crit chance addon too, and might be a good alternative skill to use because it’s ranged. Keep in mind tho, it does not hit things along the way. The aoe is only effective at the targeted area you launch it to.


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!