Black Desert Online Sea Monster Hunting Guide


My guild has done a ton of sea monster hunting the past weeks in order to get the blue grade Galley accessories (which you can see in the screenshot above). I figure I’d make a quick guide with tips I’ve learned during our adventures.

Why hunt sea monsters?

There’s a couple of rewards you get from hunting sea monsters, although they’re primarily guild based:

  • There’s sea monster guild quests (in the combat tab). They offer a great amount of guild XP for the amount of time it takes to do them (if you’re lucky, you can do a couple in one trip). One tip: there’s two types of Margoria hunting quests. There’s one series of quests with the quest title ending in roman numerals; these always require you to kill specific sea monsters. If there’s no roman numerals in the quest title, then it asks you to kill any type of sea monster (pirate ships count as sea monsters).
  • The sea monsters drop a good amount of loot you can sell for guild silver. Most (if not all) sea monsters have a low chance to drop a “junk” loot item worth 100m. Note that all of these are sold for guild silver, so there’s no personal gain.
  • Some of the sea monster loot is used in crafting blue grade Epheria Sailboat and Galley accessories (more on that later in the guide).

How should I hunt sea monsters?

Guild Galley with a party of 5 people (one captain and four cannoneers). There’s really no other practical way. If you do it with an Epheria Sailboat, you can kill Hekarus and Ocean Stalkers, but it will be very slow. A Guild Galley can hunt those much faster, and also take on harder sea monsters like Candidums and Black Rusts.

Any tips on how to fight sea monsters?

Yes! To begin with, our guild struggled to kill more than 2-3 weaker sea monsters before we had to make a pit stop at Port Ratt or Lema, but after learning various tricks we became capable of killing 7-8 of the strongest sea monsters in one single trip. First of all, you want a Guild Galley and you want a party of 5 players. All crew members should be carrying 30+ Ship Repair Materials (buy them from the marketplace or craft them using plywood) and 1-2 Breezy Crystals (bought from guild NPC). You use these items to repair health and power of the Galley.

I’ll divide tips into two categories. One for the people handling the cannons, and one for the person steering the ship.


  • You’ll want to man the cannons on the right side (that’s starboard for fancy boat talk people). The reason is simple: the ship sails can get in the way of the camera when using the left side cannons.
  • You hold shift and W/D to change vertical firing angle.
  • You hold shift and LMB to ready the cannon for firing. This shows you a rough firing arc, and you’ll fire once you let go of LMB. The cannon will fire automatically if you hold LMB for too long.
  • The easiest shot to make is when the sea monster is right next to your ship. Just aim straight down and fire. These will almost always hit and it feels like the sea monster has a massive hitbox when it’s right next to you.
  • Long distance shots are generally risky, and if you go for them, I suggest aiming just behind the sea monster (from your perspective) for it to connect.
  • The game can be deceitful when it comes to telling you if you actually hit the sea monster or not. You heard the shot hit and you saw blood? That shot might still have been a miss for unknown reasons. The only way to tell if your shot connected is if you see a health bar after hitting the sea monster.


  • Try to always turn in the same direction so you’re essentially sailing in one big circle. There’s always a risk of de-aggroing the sea monster, and it’ll regain all of its health whenever this happens. This reduces the chances of that happening.
  • If there’s floating boxes or a shipwreck nearby, you can try to stay near the vicinity of it to avoid the sea monster de-aggroing. If there’s nothing nearby to use as reference point, ask a crew member to use a maid and tell them to not close the maid window.
  • Remember to use the boost skills (Q while moving or Space while still) when the sea monster is about to attack. You’ll have to get used to the behaviour and animations of the sea monsters to tell when they’re about to attack.
  • Sailing backwards can be very useful for adjusting your angle without moving too far. Try to avoid doing this while the sea monster is close as it’ll take a while before you can use any boost skill after sailing backwards.
  • In general, you wanna go for hit’n’run attacks. Move (or wait) for the sea monster to get close, make sure cannoneers have a good angle for firing, and boost away once you see the sea monster getting ready for an attack.
  • Hekarus and Ocean Stalkers are really easy to deal with so they’re good to hunt for practice. Nine Sharks don’t have a lot of health, but they can deal serious damage to your ship. Candidums are very tanky and they have really erratic behaviour (they’re the most likely to de-aggro). Black Rusts are the toughest of sea monsters and they’ll wreck your ship unless you avoid their attacks.
  • A sign of a good fight is if you defeated one of the toughest sea monsters having only lost 10-15% ship health.

Where do I find the various sea monster types?

  • Hekaru: You can find plenty of these just northwest of Kuit Islands. In general, you’ll see these in almost any part of Ross Sea.
  • Ocean Stalker: Go west or northwest of Epheria. In general, you’ll find plenty of these in Ross Sea.
  • Nine Shark: Just go to any part of the Margoria ocean. I feel this is the most common sea monster type you encounter once you’ve sailed past Ross Sea.
  • Candidum: Go north of Lema or northwest towards Port Ratt from Lema.
  • Black Rusts: Go far north of Iliya Island or far west from Epheria.

How can I level up sailing?

You’ll want to reach Skilled 1 in sailing as that’s unlocks a very useful speed skill (it functions very similarly to Instant Acceleration for horses). You gain sailling XP very slowly by sailing in Margoria ocean, but the only real good way to level up sailing is by doing the daily sailing quest at Port Ratt (there’s 4 variations of it, I suggest doing the Altinova one). Thanks to this quest, you’ll reach Skilled 1 after a few weeks. Do you want to reach even higher sailing ranks? Well, good luck because it might take you 108 years:

How do I go about getting a ship with cannons?

While not recommended for sea monster hunting, these are the materials required for crafting an Epheria Sailboat at Epheria:

  • 20 Epheria Sailboat Designs
  • 600 Steel
  • 800 Standardized Timber Squares
  • 1500 Pine Plywood
  • 300 Flax Fabric

The most problematic materials are the Pine Plywood and the Standardized Timber Squares. Pine Plywood you can get with workers, so that’s not too bad. But there’s no easy way to acquire all of the logs necessary for the timber squares.

Unless you were lucky enough to attend the event some months ago which gave guilds a Galley for free, there’s 2 ways of attaining a Guild Galley. First method requires 150 Old Moon Combat Seals and 150 Old Moon Life Seals. You get these seals by doing guild quests. Once you have enough, the guild master gets a quest from the guild manager NPC in Valencia City to exchange the seals for a Galley.

Second method involves acquiring a guild house in Velia, Olvia, or Altinova (guild house bidding starts every other Saturday and ends the next day). Once you have the guild house, you need to invest 10 guild points into the Building Boat Lv. 1 guild skill to unlock the ship crafting workshop. I don’t have experience personally crafing a Galley, but looks like all but two materials are sold directly by NPCs. The remaining two materials are Clearance Permits (crafted with coal, black stone powder, ox hides, rough rubies, pine sap, rough translucent crystals, and white cedar timber) and Galley Plans (bought from an NPC in Epheria after gaining enough amity with him).

How do I get the Sailboat or Galley accessories?

Green grade accessories are simply bought from NPC vendors. The blue grade accessories needs to be crafted, and I’ll list the materials needed here.

In total, this is everything you need for the blue grade Epheria Sailboat accessories (these numbers are assuming you have Artisan or higher processing, and they might be slightly off based on your luck when processing materials)

  • 20 Epheria Sailboat Designs
  • 200 Hekaru’s Process
  • 1500 Flax Fabric
  • 180 Glue
  • 10 Blue Whale Tendon
  • 100 Trace of Ascension
  • 250 Ocean Stalker Skin
  • 50 Pure Platinum Crystal
  • 2 Golden Pearl
  • 10 Pure Lead Crystal
  • 100 Trace of Chaos
  • 110 Pure Iron Crystal
  • 30 Sturdy Ash Plywood
  • 100 Trace of Battle
  • 2 Hard Pillar
  • 1500 Palm Plywood
  • 100 Trace of Death

To learn how to acquire these items, check the Crafting Notes in game. A couple of quick things to note: you can only acquire Blue Whale Tendons by hunting the Blue Whale (people very rarely list them on the marketplace). Glue you get by heating Lobsters. Lobsters you get by gathering from Coral or Giant Pearl Oysters underwater.

For the Galley accessories, you need a guild house (more details about that above) and a guild skill (Building Boat Lv. 2). Some of the materials you can buy from an NPC vendor, but most of the materials require guild crafting. Note that guild crafting will almost always result in just one item for each process (once in a blue moon you’ll get two, but that’s very rare). Here are the various recipes you need to use in the guild house:

  • Ink = 2 Processed Coal + 2 Black Stone Powder
  • Parchment = 2 Black Stone Powder + 2 Ox Hide
  • Wax = 2 Rough Ruby + 2 Pine Sap
  • Seal = 2 Rough Translucent Crystal + 2 White Cedar Timber
  • Clearance Permit = 1 Ink + 1 Parchment + 1 Wax + 1 Seal
  • Tough Silk Thread = 1 Silk Thread + 1 Weed + 1 Powder of Crevice
  • Stormy Rope = 100 Flax + 3 Hekaru’s Process + 3 Ocean Stalker’s Skin + 10 Trace of Despair
  • Crude Decoration = 1 Giant Pearl Oyster + 1 Cone Snail
  • Cloudy Timber = 1 Ocean Stalker’s Skin + 2 Candidum Shell + 100 Palm Timber + 10 Trace of Ascension
  • Sandy Ingot = 2 Black Rust Jawbone + 1 Ocean Stalker’s Skin + 100 Vanadium Ore + 10 Trace of the Earth
  • Sticky Glue = 1 Lobster + 10 Sulfur
  • Sea Horn = 10 Nineshark’s Horn Shard + 1 Ocean Stalker’s Skin + 10 Sturdy Timber Squares + 10 Trace of Origin

And here are all the materials you need in total (this does not include the materials for the Clearance Permits):

  • 250 Silk Thread
  • 250 Weed
  • 250 Powder of Crevice
  • 5000 Flax
  • 150 Hekaru’s Process
  • 282 Ocean Stalker’s Skin
  • 500 Trace of Despair
  • 40 Giant Pearl Oyster
  • 40 Cone Snail
  • 5000 Palm Timber
  • 500 Trace of Ascension
  • 160 Black Rust Jawbone
  • 8000 Vanadium Ore
  • 800 Trace of the Earth
  • 50 Lobster
  • 500 Sulfur
  • 20 Nineshark’s Horn Shard
  • 20 Sturdy Timber Square
  • 20 Trace of Origin
  • 100 Candidum Shell

You can do guild crafting with any guild house so I suggest getting a cheap guild house first (for instance, any guild house in Calpheon or Heidel) so you can start working on making the materials. There’s one special material involved called Special Iron Ingot from Calpheon Workshop. You acquire these by exchanging Calpheon Trade Seals to a trading NPC.

By far, Candidum Shells and Cone Snails are the biggest bottlenecks. On average, you only get 2 Candidum Shells per Candidum and Cone Snails are a ridiculously rare drop from Seaweed and similar items (Kelp, Tangleweed, etc). To make matters worse, Cone Snails are trade items, so they need to be processed within 24 hours before they expire. I suggest using this map to find good locations for Cone Snails and Giant Pearl Oysters:


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!