I see this time after time again. I don’t care if you’re Cylon, nor Colonial on this, DO NOT purchase a NEW ship, unless you have AT LEAST 160% of the ships cost in Tylium.


i.e. you want an Escort? COOL, just becasue you have the 600K Tylium, does not mean it’s going to be a good investment at all. It costs 7K for 1,000 Medium Rounds. It’s equipment costs 50% more than the equipment for a Strike. I.e Engine boosters cost 5K Tylium for a Strike, for an Escort, they are 7,500 tylium.

So if you’re going to buy an Escort Ship, don’t even THINK on touching it until you HAVE 160% of the ships cost.

That goes the same way for buying another Strike, too.

You’re going to be WAY better off doing this ^^^ Then just grabbing the Escort or Line Ship right off the bat right when you have 600K Tylium.

This also includes cost of upgrading your equipment, costs of ammunition, etc. etc. Some may disagree with this, but if you plan on fielding an Escort, and ESPECIALLY a Line Ship, expect HUGE costs to keep/maintain it, let alone keep it combat ready. Do the math, don’t go for an Escort unless you have OVER 900K Tylium. It will cost you approx 2000? Tylium to jump into the next sector. 7K for every thousand rounds you purchase, 50% more cost for equipment then you’d pay for a Strike.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the same rule would apply heavily for Line Ships as well, since their costs are even greater.

The rule does not, however put into consideration of buy ANOTHER strike. (Like you have a Heavy Raider, and want to grab a Raider, or you have a Raider and want to get a Heavy Raider)

I bought a Heavy Raider a few days ago, to run a budget, have the three cannons upgraded to level 2 each, costs 60K. Two Boosters at 5K each, cost me 20K for level 2. Plus three Dradis which cost me, well, I gotta check back on how much it costed me.

All in all, be sure to have 400% of the Strike Ships value in Tylium. Unless you want to unattatched components, and switch between them. (taking time to unfit/refit between Strikes, saves money, but takes time, so that ones up to you)

But as far as Escorts go, just because you’re level 10 with 600K Tylium, does not mean you should buy the Escort immediately. Wait until you have 160% value. It’ll save you from headaches so many on here complain about daily.


Break Down of Costs for a Line as given by HotDogDan

2000000 to buy the ship
120000 for six guns or missile arms are the same price
64000 for 4 hull plates
20000 for two heavy overcharger
4500 for a mineral scanner
16000 for a battery and an ecm for combat operation
2,224,500 tylium just to outfit the ship
but wait there more no one want to be the guys with lvl 1 everything that like be the fat kid limbo contest. no fun at all
starting at the base cost of 2,224,500 tylium
lets start the upgrading ull want at least one side to powerful so
2400 cubits and 160000 tlyium to upgrade 4 guns to lvl 3
2400 cubits and 128000 tlyium to upgrade ur hull plate to lvl 3 too
20000 tylium to upgrade ur engine to lvl 2
so here the bill so far for the beast
4800 cubits 2,563,500 tylium grand total for outfitting
but wait we need bullets big bullets
line ammo is 25 tlyium per bullet most pve engagement last less then a 100 round of ammo
no one need to buy 3000 round of ammo when all that does is tie up a massive alot of capital in something that is just being stockpiled
buy 200 round of ammo is the best way to go there no reason to tie up tlyium where it isnt needed 5000 tlyium is recouped qiucker then 75000 and that 70000 extra mean alot it it 15 ftl jumps 185 secs of boosting or get a gun to the next upgrade

so final tally of the line ship is 4800 cubits and 2,568,500 but wait the hidden cost the flt jump so make it 2.7 million tlyium and 4800 cubits
then upkeep is 200 rounds at 5000 tlyium when your guns go click click which if ur killing things is covered by the “

Here: Battlestar Galactica Online Mining with Line Ships Pros and Cons

Cost of outfitting an Escort Ship:
600,000 tylium to buy it
60,000 Tylium to outfit it with four cannons (it comes with three already, but single target, so if you want multi-target, or some missile batteries, it’s 15,000 tylium per weapon, for Advanced Escorts, costs can be up to 90K tyilum, not upgraded.)

So now, you want Hual Plating, Escort System Redundancy (HP healing when not in combat) or even a decoy Launcher, these all cost from 7500-15000 tylium. Assuming you want hual plating, you’re going to have to fork over 24K-48K in tylium (depending if you have Assault or not, and assuming it’s not advanced) just to outfit your ship with additional HP.

Engines, cost from 7500-15000 assuming you want to drive overcharger (to increase flank speed) for two of them, that’s 15K, it’s 30K for four of them, 45K for five of them (depending on class, Interceptor or otherwise, advanced or not)

Computers, cost of computers are from 2000 Tylium (for the Dradis module, or the mining sensor) up to 7500 Tylium for other parts (ES/EW components) For two of them, 15K (for ES/EW mods, which are the most common, or if you’re smart the firewall module to prevent EW from effecting you in the first place) for four of them, 30K, for 5 that’s 45K (depending on class of ship)

Ammo, 7 Tylium per round of ammo, or 65 Tylium per missile.
That’s 7000 Tylium for 1000 rds, or 65000 tylium for 1,000 missiles.

Total costs, assuming you have a Wraith for instance:
753,000 Tylium.

To upgrade all equipment to level 2. is an additional 153,000 Tylium.

So now, if you add that up, that’s 906,000 Tylium. Almost 50% more than what you paid for it. NOW THIS DOES NOT put into cost of cubits, because NOW to upgrade the equipment to level 3, you have to add base values plus or minus 325 Cubits per piece.

To level ALL equipment by one level NOT including cubits, that’s 153,000 tylium each time.

But assuming you keep to level 2 in all of your gear (which is recommended) and assuming you have the most expensive pieces in each category, you’ll need 906,000 tyilum to make it happen, which is why it’s recommended to have 160% of the value, simply because of the small fact, YOU STILL NEED TYLIUM IN RESERVE FOR AMMO!!

21K for every 3000rds. Which in roughly 45-60 minutes, you’ll use up.

Add to that the cost of jumping, 500 Tylium a jump (roughly, so I suggest you switch to your strike before jumps)

Doing it all at once, makes life much easier in an escort. And the extra time gives you more of an ability to think in what ship to buy.


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!