Welcome to the kark 98 in player unknown’s battlegrounds. Today we will take a look at the most widely used sniper rifle in battlegrounds, the karabiner 98 kurz. I will show you the statistics, I will take it to the shooting range and I will compare it with the sks. The Karabiner 98 kurz is a bolt-action rifle that was adopted in 1935 as the standard service rifle for the German Wehrmacht. It was one of the final developments in the long line of Mauser military rifles. The kark 98 is a step up from the sks, it’s a proper sniper rifle and if you’re lucky you might find it lying around somewhere but don’t be surprised when you are chasing the airplane because someday you might find a kark 98 in one of those airdrops. In Battlegrounds, the kark 98 is a vintage sniper rifle and I will start with the stats so that you know what this gun is all about.

The power rating of the kark 98 is 66. This is higher than the rating of 50 for the sks so we are dealing with a more powerful weapon. The range is 80 and that is pretty good. There are only 2 weapons in battlegrounds that can do better and those are the m24 and the awm. The kark 98 has a stability rating of 34 which is good for a sniper rifle but the firing rate is only 5 and here lies the biggest weakness of the kark 98. It’s incredibly slow, only the crossbow is slower, I think that says enough. The kark 98 uses the mm cartridge and it has 5 bullets in one magazine. You can increase these stats by using the right attachments.

The flash hider for sniper rifles eliminates the muzzle flash and it slightly reduces horizontal and vertical recoil. The compensator for sniper rifles slightly reduces the horizontal recoil and it reduces the vertical recoil. In other words the compensator has a bigger effect on the vertical recoil but it doesn’t hide the muzzle flash. You can also attach bullet loops, this item increases the reload speed and one of the best attachments that you can find is a suppressor for a sniper rifle. At this very moment, the suppressor does not have any negative effects, it does not affect the damage. This might change is the future but that is not very likely since there aren’t that many suppressors in the game. Let’s compare the kark 98 with the sks. You already know that the sks has a lower power rating but it also has a lower rating for range, only 64 vs 80. So the kark wins the first 2 rounds. It’s different story when we look at the stability, 48 for the sks and only 34 for the kark. The biggest difference between these weapons is the firing rate. The sks is a dmr so it’s normal that it has a higher firing rate, but the difference is massive, 32 vs 5 and that changes a lot.

I will go to the firing range with our kark 98 so that we can see how it performs. The first test is designed to show whether you should adjust your aim or not when firing consecutive rounds. Imagine that you found a kark 98 but you didn’t find a 4x or an 8x scope, so you are stuck with a red dot or something similar, you see your next victim in the distance, but you can’t really zoom in enough with your scope.

Nevertheless, you aim and you decide to take the shot. Since the guy is too far away for your scope, it’s unlikely that you are going to be able to get a headshot so you will have to fire twice. The questions is, should you adjust your aim or will your weapon automatically center back to the neutral position. Let’s find out, as you can see, the weapon never goes back to the neutral position, it always goes to a point slightly higher than where you were aiming when you took your previous shot. This means that when you try to shoot at your next victim, that you should adjust your aiming point after each shot. This comes naturally with a 4x, 8x or 15x scope but it’s definitely something to keep in mind if you only had a holographic sight for example because the last thing that you want is for this guy to turn around and to shoot you instead because you didn’t know that you had to adjust your aim.

The next game that I played, I found another kark 98 and I brought it back with me to the shooting range. I also eum, found an 8x scope from somebody who didn’t need it any more, if you know what I mean. The reason why I brought it here was to show you the bullet drop for the kark in player unknown’s battlegrounds. If you aim at the middle of a longer range target then your bullet will end up hitting the first black ring around the center of the target. So you will have to make a small correction for the bullet drop. So if you aim slightly higher then your bullet will hit the center of the target.

What about the damage model and the effect of the different levels of protection? You will have to fire 2 bullets if you aim at your enemy’s torso unless he is wearing the highest level of armor, in that case you are going to need one extra bullet. If you aim at your enemy’s head then you will only need 1 bullet unless he wearing the highest level of protection, then you will need another bullet to finish the job. If you compare this with the sks then you can see that you will need only 1 headshot to kill if he wasn’t wearing a helmet, otherwise you will need 2.

You will need 2 body shots to kill a guy who isn’t wearing any body armor and you will need one more bullet to kill that same guy if he managed to find any form of protection. Don’t even try to destroy a car with this gun, you’re not going to be able to quickly take out a vehicle with a firing rate of 5 so don’t even bother. To summarize, the kark 98 has better stats for power and for effective range compared to the sks but it can’t beat the stability and the superior firing rate. Going for those headshots will definitely make your life a lot easier because most of the time it’s a one shot kill. This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching and I will see you in Battlegrounds. Player unknown’s battlegrounds kark 98, battlegrounds kark 98.

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