PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS HITBOX Detection on Estarz: New Platform for Amazing/PRO Players!

Hi guys, today I am proud to announce a new partnership between Estarz and FOG of GAMING. They asked make in depth videos for an external website, but it’s not just a website, it’s Estarz. They wanted me to become their launch coach for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, and I accepted the invitation. The main goal of estarz is to turn an amazing player into a pro player. Which is perfect, because everybody who is a subscriber of FOG of GAMING is already an amazing player, you are good at playing Battlegrounds and you are probably closer to becoming a pro than you might think.

That is why I would like to invite you to check out this new platform, but more importantly I would like you to check out one particular video. I was lucky enough to become a player unknown’s battlegrounds partnered content creator and I received access to custom games. This allowed me to figure out the hitbox detection that is being used in battlegrounds and this is the video that I would like you to watch.

I managed to discover a lot of interesting things and I would love to share those with you. I did my best to make sure that this particular video is free to watch for everybody because it covers an essential gameplay aspect and it should be basic knowledge for every player who takes this game seriously. I am not allowed to re upload this video to YouTube, so I will have to ask you to use the link in the video description to check out this in depth guide.

In fact, most of the information that you will find on Estarz is not available on YouTube. They asked me to make videos that go a lot further than any other YouTube video so that is what I did. If you like that first video about the hitbox detection and you would like to learn a lot more about your favorite game then please subscribe to FOG of GAMING on Estarz, it’s a great way to support me and in return I will show you the most advanced guides about player unknown’s battlegrounds that you may find. For that I would like to ask you to use the second link in the video description, this ensures that you will be supporting me. Making an account on estarz is free, on top of that I can share 30 subscription codes that give you exclusive access to all the videos for free for one entire month. In order to receive a code you will have to follow me and Estarz on twitter, on you did that, send me a message on twitter and I will send you the free access code.

If there is a certain topic that you would like me to cover then I will do that for you. After subscribing you will also get access to a lot of other videos and of course to all future videos. One of the other videos that are available right now is a video about peeking or leaning. It reveals a lot of interesting discoveries that will change the way you play. So may I kindly ask you to check out Estarz and the video about the hitbox detection, if you think that it’s worthy then please use the link in the video description to subscribe so that you gain access to all other videos. This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching and I hope to see you on Estarz.

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