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Ladies and gentlemen what the heck is going on my name is Usman and today I’m bringing you guys another Battlefield 1 video and today what I have for you guys is the top 5 best handguns in Battlefield 1. And now it’s like the perfect time for me to make this video, because we recently got fog of war gamemode in battlefield 1 where you only play with handguns and I decided to bring this video to you so you know what is the best handgun in the game and what handguns to use with every class loadout while playing bf1 and also these handguns are the best in the game, and no doubt about using them in other gamemodes as well. So guys our like goal, there is no like goal.

Leave a like if you agree with this top 5 list and dislike if you don’t and if you are new to the channel, definitely consider subscribing for daily videos, we mostly do zombies & Battlefield, but let’s get right into it. Now coming in at number 5, we have the no3 revolver. Now this one is in the assault class, and it does unlock at level 10 which will take you a lot of time to unlock, and if you haven’t unlocked it yet, you’re better of using the mle 1903, redbaron or the m1911, and I will leave some helpful guides in the description below which you guys can check out at the end for best loadouts and how to rank up in Battlefield 1.

And in the assault class you can’t pick any other equipments if you’re playing fog of war gamemode, so it’s just you, yourself and your handgun. And no 3 revolver is by far the best handgun or I should say revolver in the assault kit for delivering damage, cause it can easily takedown someone with 2 – 3 shots, and sometimes even 1 shot, depending on the distance, where you shoot and the players health things like that which is really really effective. It got 6 ammunition in the revolver and you reload it super super fast it’s not like you adding one bullet in at a time, you just add all of them in together and it is a solid revolver.

Coming in at number 4, we have the red baron for the support class and the way the rad baron iron sights are, they are absolutely beautiful. With the support class you can have the handgun and the ammo crate, ammo pouch and the repair tool. So definitely get red baron, ammo crate and ammo pouch if you are someone that wants to refill ammo on days on end. Ultimately you wanna use the red baron wit the support class, because this thing is a competitor for pretty much all other handguns in the game but at close distance. It’s not that great at long distance, but that’s pretty much what every handgun weakness is right, and on top of that in this gamemode it is really foggy, so you need to be up close and personal, and this thing reloads like there’s no tomorrow, got 9 ammunition in the mag and you basically reload in less then 2 seconds while empty and around a second while you got at least one bullet in. This handgun has the same amount of damage as the other handguns, but has high firing rate and really good ironsights and the thing why I put this in the support class it’s because you get ammo crate with it which means you can always refill your ammo and shoot as much as you want and it’s high firing rate is really beneficial and it comes in at our number 4 spot, at number 3, we basically got red baron’s big brother the c96 and it is in the medic class, now in the medic class you can equic the medic crate and the syringe which is really really helpfull for healing yourself and your teammates and reviving them as well.

And like I said the C96 is the big brother of the red baron. It got an upper hand on basically everything, especially on the range side of things, got good iron sights too, the only thing the C96 does not have is the ability to reload with one take unless it’s completely empty. You do reload it fast when it has no ammo, but if you do have some, you’ll be reloading one at a time and always do that when there is no enemy around you, but overall it works very effectively with medic class and I’m sure it’ll also be good with support class.

Coming in at number 2 we have the mars automatic which you can get in the scout class. And the thing I really like about the scout class is that you can have the k bullets weapon which is capable of killing enemies at close and long range as well you can take the flare spot, to spot enemies and this thing can get your enemies to catch on fire and if you use this strategically you can get tons of kills and mars automatic is definitely best handgun in terms of damage and delivering high damage at long range, it has magazine reload, iron sights are pretty clean, the only thing it lacks is that it’s total ammo count in reserve. And definitely or higher magnification with any handgun in the game for better accuracy at long range, now coming in at number 1, this handgun is basically good in every situation with ever loadout in the game, it has high damage, range, good firing rate, magazine reload basically everything. But of course mars automatic beat in damage, but if you’re strategic with M1911 you can easily take anyone down with this handgun.

Let me know what is your favorite handgun in the game in the comments below, as well if you guys have enjoyed the video, give it a like and subscribe for more daily videos and check out some more battlefield 1 videos on the channel and this has been the top 5 best handguns for Battlefield 1.

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