How to Earn Marksman’s Medal of Proficiency – Battlefield 1

Hey guys, this is Eidolon Mirage with some Battlefield 1 gameplay on PS4. Today, we’re earning a medal called Marksman’s Medal of Proficiency, with a focus on infantry weapons. The first objective is to get 20 kills with the 12g Automatic Backbored. This isn’t my favorite shotgun, but the fire rate on this thing is pretty gnarly. It fires 257 rounds per minute, which is the fastest of all shotguns, but that kind of benefit comes at a price, and this time, it’s weapon damage.

It’s actually the only shotgun in the game that can’t do a one shot kill. It only has 11 pellets and does damage per pellet. That’s a maximum of 92, requiring a second shot. As I edited this video, I noticed multiple occasions where I hit for 92 at point blank range. If this would’ve been any other shotgun, I would’ve gotten the kill for sure. Now, it may not have the ability for a one hit kill, but the 12g Auto can rip two shots extremely fast.

I would simply double tap every enemy to ensure the kill. You can see I wasn’t having much difficulty getting two shot kills even at somewhat farther ranges. The only problem is the high recoil. Double tapping at point blank is fast and easy, but for other farther targets, you have to fire a little slower to compensate for recoil. Worst part is, in this small amount time, the enemy could be running or crouching, and I felt like I was losing my targets an awful lot at that range. The second objective is to get 20 kills with the Autoloading Extended. This gun seems pretty awesome, but it’s actually the weakest Medic weapon even falling behind the M1907.

That’s not to say it’s a BAD weapon, but it’s definitely better at medium and close range. The factory variant only has 5 rounds, but has the ability to 3 shot most enemies even up to 47 meters. This extended variant can only 3 shot up to 17 meters. It’s essentially taking away that range and replacing it with ammo and low recoil. It can fire extremely quickly, so you have the ability to outgun the assault class and almost all other medic weapons within this range and has the potential to kill 8 enemies before having to reload. That’s in a perfect world, but again, if you stick to medium and close range, you keep the odds in your favor. The third objective is to get 20 kills with the BAR M1918 Trench. When the game first launched, I didn’t even care about the Support class. DICE has given it some love since then, and I’ve found myself enjoying it more and more. The weapons are powerful at long and short range, as long as you can control the recoil.

They all do about the same amount of damage, which is 5 bullets to kill up close and 6 at a distance. The BAR is probably the best because of its rate of fire. It has the fastest at 600 RPM’s, but only has 20 rounds in the mag so you’re gonna be flying through ammo. In my experience, 20 rounds is enough to kill only about 2 enemies before having to reload. The good thing is, it has one of the fastest reload times available, so don’t be afraid to send bullets downrange.

Just always try to leave 1 in the chamber so you don’t have to pull back the action with every fresh mag. The final objective is to get 20 kills with the Gewehr 98 Infantry. I don’t think this is the best Scout rifle, but I do tend to lean towards infantry variants over scoped versions. I feel like I can acquire targets quicker or easier, but to each his own. I also do not care about the sweet spot mechanic, but this rifle’s is from 80-120 meters. This means you can one shot kill in the chest at this range. I’ve already given my dislike for the sweet spot, so I won’t go into that again. As you’ve seen, I’m pairing it with the ole Kolibri today just for fun and just earned a Service Star with it.

The Gewehr 98 just feels awesome and actually has the fastest bullet speed of all rifles in the game. This is important when leading targets at longer ranges, so if you like long range engagements, this is your rifle. Well there it guys, Marksman’s Medal of Proficiency. This was a fun medal that forces you to play as each class, and it actually chose some pretty gnarly weapons. Like if you like, and subscribe if you like.

Have a good one, and I’ll see you on the Battlefield..

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