How to Earn Lightning Cross Order – Battlefield 1

Hey guys, this is Eidolon Mirage with some Battlefield 1 gameplay on PS4. Today we’re going for a medal called Lighting Cross Order, with a focus on semi-automatic handguns. The first objective is to get 10 kills. I’m on Team Deathmatch today, and I figured the best way to complete this challenge is with the Scout Class and the spotting flare. Since I’m going to be up against assault players with SMG’s, I definitely need the advantage of spotting THEM first.

Since I’m running Scout, it means I can try out the Frommer Stop, which has a super fast fire rate, and makes it king in close quarters. I used my Marksman Rifle for a few kills, but mostly I would either body shot them and finish them off with the pistol or just run around pistol primary. With them being spotted, I was pretty confident that I would get the kill. I love to pop the flare in a doorway or choke point further away from me and watch for hit markers. That’s another way of enemy detection without actually looking at the mini-map. The second objective is to get 5 headshots. Typically when using a sidearm, I am NOT worried about aiming for the head. Usually you pull your pistol to simply finish a kill, where you would only need to make contact like, once to get the job done. Most people don’t even aim down sights, because it’s quicker to just start squeezing the trigger. That makes this objective a little awkward.

There are NO justifying reasons in this game to go for headshots with pistols. Let’s look at the strongest revolvers in the game. One body shot does 53 damage, and a shot to the head does 90. It’s gonna take you exactly two shots whether they’re headshots or not. In Battlefield 4, there were a couple sidearms that could one-shot in the head, but not in this game. This means I was running around to get close to the enemy, which ended up getting me killed because I playing like a doofus. So, that brings us to the last objective, which is to get 5 kills in one life. With the whole headshot thing out of the way, I want to brag about pistols a little bit. I do think they’re invaluable, and they’ve gotten some love since Battlefield 4. Semi-auto pistols used to be a 4 to 5 hit kill, and now they take one less bullet at about the same range. I mean, I’m holding my own here against Assault players with the MP18. I feel pretty confident with my sidearm in close quarters, as you should.

Not only does it save ammo, but it’s normally a super fast reload, and it’s another tool at your disposal, so you should get in the habit of trying it out. For this gameplay, I stuck with the Frommer Stop in order to get the 100-kill dog tag. It is one of the weakest sidearms in the game, but it has a high RPM with a pretty darn quick reload. Whichever one you choose, just play smart and earn that Lightning Cross Order. I hope you guys enjoy the gameplay and the tactics and tips. Like if you like, and subscribe if you like. Have a good one, and I’ll see you on the Battlefield.

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