How to Earn Legion of Blood – Battlefield 1

Hey guys, this is Eidolon Mirage with some Battlefield 1 gameplay on PS4. Today, we’re earning a medal called Legion of Blood with an emphasis on performing offensive tasks with your squad. The first objective is to get 2 Squad Savior kills. Now this is a medal that you can earn by simply playing the game and getting lucky, but I want to explain a couple of these things just so you know. A Squad Savior kill is when an enemy has just done over 50 damage to a friendly squad mate and you save his ass. You can’t always “go” for this objective, but sometimes you can sense it happening. Just stick with your squad and you should get this eventually. The second objective is to get 2 Squad Avenger kills. This is when you kill an enemy within 2 seconds of him killing a squadmate.

This one you can sense a little bit better and have more reaction time. I don’t ever let my squad mates get killed, but if you see an enemy shooting at someone, just take him out and chances are you will get a savior or avenger kill. The final objective is to get 5 Squad Wipe kills. This is when you kill the last guy in a squad and it’s helpful because it forces the entire squad to spawn back from base. That gives you and your team more room to advance the field. If you have some enemies that keep coming from an odd area and getting a flank off, that’s a good indication they have a sniper in the distance that’s allowing them to spawn. Kill the guy and then kill the sniper and there’s a good chance you’ll get a squad wipe. Other than that, just kill, kill, kill and you’ll eventually earn the Legion of Blood.

Like I said before, this medal is pretty easy and could all be left to chance, but I thought I’d shed some light on the specifics anyway. Like if you like, and subscribe if you like. Have a good one, and I’ll see you on the Battlefield..

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