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Hey everyone, MapMover here and in this video I want to talk to you all about the Martini Henry nerf! So as nearly all of you know by now the recent Giants Shadow DLC brought with it a large amount of bug fixes and weapon changes in the form of a patch and free DLC combo. Now the bug fixes and free DLC were almost unanimously welcomed, I mean I for one think it�s brilliant to know that developer Dice cares about the fans being happy with the game after release, so much so to even give us a free map, but I digress here, you see along with these bug fixes and free DLC came Something that wasn�t unanimously welcomed and that was the weapon changes and rebalancing. Now these weapon changes were slight tweaks mainly designed to fix small oversights such as matching reload times to reload animations, fixing things that were missed in the rush to release the game and changes as a result of community feedback.

These very weapon changes too were almost unanimously welcomed overall, I mean the whole patch very nearly was, with changes such as being able to sprint from crouching and prone and so on. But the one sticking point that nearly everyone had, was the decision to nerf the holy grail of Scout Rifles in BF1. This of course being the Martini Henry. The Martini Henry was almost the only thing to be negatively affected by the recent patch and many in the community felt that not only because the Martini Henry was a level 10 unlock, but also because the Martini Henry had such a slow muzzle velocity, long reload time and no scope attachments that the Martini Henry just didn�t need to be nerfed! But here�s the thing. Technically the Martini didn�t get nerfed. Oh no. What it got instead was a fix! Now you might be laughing at me saying this, while at the same time calling me a fool, but it�s TRUE! Remember how I said earlier that part of the weapon changes were specifically due to fixing things that were missed in the rush to release the game? Well one of the things that was missed was correctly setting the damage multipliers for hits to different body parts that the Martini Henry would do.

Before the recent patch The Martini would do the exact same amount of damage to the upper torso as it would to the lower torso, arms and legs. Every other weapon in game had the correct damage multiplier for different body parts and this is exactly why the Martini Henry was just so much better than its other scout counterparts, especially when you add that to the massive sweet spot range on offer starting at 30 metres.

You didn�t need to worry about being as accurate, as long as you got the hit and this in turn led to many players picking up the Martini Henry and annoying their victims to the point their victims would usually sigh, knowing that it was a Martini noob that killed them. Well, let�s be fair to the Martini Henry, it did punish you quite a bit for missing, so it isn�t entirely fair to call Martini Henry users before the patch noobs. But let�s be honest here, as someone that personally loved the Martini, I know how easy it was to get kills upon kills as soon as you got used to leading targets and regularly finding cover to reload. But anyway, the fix, update, patch, nerf or whatever you want to call it, lowered the Martini Henry’s damage to body parts and this in turn has affected its effectiveness. Now aside from this technical answer and true answer, true in the sense that this is the official reasoning for the Martini nerf slash fix, there is also the conspiracy theory….an unofficial Theory or rumour if you will as to why we really saw a nerf here.

And before I continue this is just a theory, so take this with a pinch of salt. But moving on this theory is actually plausible, whether it�s really true or not is unknown but here�s the theory: Now once again, remember how I said earlier that part of the patch changes were based on community feedback? Well community feedback is an important consideration. This is why we�ve seen changes since the Beta as a result of beta feedback and other changes such as to the limpet charge no longer being able to be detonated by other players, sprinting from crouch, having more tickets for the attackers in operations and so on. Part of this feedback, I’m not sure how big a part, but a part of this feedback is definitely from statistical analysis Dice the developer conducts. Now this statistical analysis would have been able to show the massive killing potential and high KDs that Martini Henry players were getting and maybe dice didn�t like that, I’ll soon explain why Dice won�t like this.

This analysis would�ve also showed the large amount of players using the scout setup and this was fairly obvious to tell anyway because there�s just loads of scout players about, and maybe dice didn�t like that too, and again I�ll soon explain why Dice won’t like this. But in my opinion what really got the Martini Henry nerfed, if the conspiracy theory is true, is the untold number of YouTubers making videos about this weapon and untold numbers of Reddit users talking about the Martini Henry. Oh and by the way Dice do check YouTube and Reddit a lot, in case you didn�t already know. So all in all according to this theory the Martini Henry quote unquote Fix wasn�t a a fix at all. Rather it was a deliberate decision Dice made to nerf an already working as intended weapon simply because too many people were playing the weapon and not the game.

And having a balanced game is more important to Dice than the individual stats a particular weapon provides. I mean playing team based games really is a strong part of the Dice gaming ethos. So according to this theory The Martini Henry was intended to be OP from the very beginning, but Dice didn�t realise until later what a monster they had created in the Martini Henry and had to nerf the weapon to encourage play of other weapons and classes in order to bring gamers more in line with their ethos of rock, paper scissors gameplay, which has been a key part of the Battlefield series�s success all these years! But with all that said Regardless of the reasoning for fixing slash nerfing the Martini Henry, here�s my thoughts on the matter.

Basically my thoughts are that I for one am a bit heartbroken that Dice nerfed the Martini. It provided a really fun gameplay experience and if you�ve seen my Martini Henry review before this change that�s what I was talking about in my review, not about the Martini being OP but in fact why it was Fun. Check that video out after this, I�ll pop the link to it in the description below and at the end of the video. But in the end, I totally get why the Martini was nerfed. You see Battlefield is intended as a team based game, that�s why I love it so much and for a team to be effective they need to have a good variety of class types to complement each other in engagements. This just cannot happen when so many people are running scout because they want to use or work to unlock the Martini Henry.

But after saying all this, looking at the bright side, the Martini Henry still has the largest sweet spot zone in game and coupled with the fact that the upper torso is the largest hitbox in game, players will soon figure out how to adapt to the recent changes, by being more careful when aiming through trying to get hits onto the torso and you�ll soon see players coming back to the Martini Henry as soon as they�ve figured out it is still in fact very good. So there we have it. This is why the Martini Henry got nerfed along with a bit of a conspiracy theory as to why the nerf happened.

Regardless of my thoughts here, let me know your own in the comments below and leave a like if you�ve enjoyed this video! I�ll be continuing doing more Battlefield related videos, reviews, gameplays and squad plays and if this is something you�d like to see more of then hit that subscribe button! As always, it�s been an absolute pleasure, until next time, have a good one all, MapMover out!

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