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Hey guys, Halcyon here. Today we’ll be covering the medic class in battlefield 1 This guide is going to be split up into three videos. We’ll start off by going over the basics of the class, move on to some intermediate topics, and finally conclude with expert strategies that will help you maximize your effectiveness. Let’s start off our discussion of the basics by covering two equally important topics: what you should do, and what you should not do. The medics primary role is as a support class. You should not be charging headfirst into battles or attempting to take on the entire enemy team single-handedly. Join a squad. You’ll be more effective and get a ton of score by staying behind your team and providing revives and heals, covering the flanks with your rifle, and throwing utility grenades such as gas and smoke to cover your teams’ advance or retreat.

And if you care about such things you will get more kills and fewer deaths than if you just ran around the map playing Rambo medic and not supporting your team at all. Another thing you should not do is attempt to go for revives that are useless or will put you in danger. While it can be tempting to try to revive teammates who are surrounded by enemies being watched by tanks etc there’s absolutely nothing good that will come of it and you’ll most likely end up on the response screen now that’s not to say that you should be afraid to take risks if you have a decent amount of support from your team or notice that the enemy is focusing fire someplace else then take a chance because it could very well pay off another good reason for heading into danger for revive is if there’s something to be gained from it for example if you’re communicating with the down squad member who has anti-tank grenades and a nearby enemy tank is nearly dead it might be worth trading your life for the potential destruction of an enemy vehicle that’s a pretty good trade in my opinion.

To sum it all up being a good medic is all about patience good teamwork and calculated risk taking there’s a lot of luck involved sometimes but if you make an effort to consciously pay attention to the risks in every situation as you play you’ll improve very quickly and learn to use that randomness to your advantage you might not get as many kills as the guy running around playing team deathmatch an objective based game mode.

But you’ll have a much bigger impact on the game a much higher score and your teammates will love you for it let’s talk about the primary weapons first the medic rifles are very powerful and versatile there’s five of them to choose from each with three variants and a final rifle that is unlocked at class level 10 I’m not going to cover each one in detail that’s a topic for a much longer video but i will talk about them generally and offer my opinion on which ones are the best the savory Gotti is to start a rifle it is a quick rate of fire an automatic setting a 10-round magazine and decent damage and accuracy unfortunately the quick rate of fire isn’t that useful is attempting to fire too quickly with any of the medic rifles will noticeably diminish your accuracy making the automatic mode useless except in close quarters where the bullet spread is less noticeable the two rifles which I would consider to be top tier are the Mondragon variance and the selfs latter variants.

The Mondragon has higher damage better accuracy and better damage dropped in the same rigotti there are some downsides as well though the Mondragon fire slower but as I mentioned before this is not very important and the saber gotti has less spread while hip firing and moving while aiming down sights but ideally you won’t be in situations where you need to hip fire and the Mondragon has less red while standing still while I’m down sights which is the most common method of firing the sups latter has all the advantages of the Mondragon except it has a six extra 16 rounds in the magazine 26 and total slightly less recoil and a slower rate of fire which again is not very important there are three variants of each weapon the close-quarter combat variants the trench factory sweeper and storm all have iron sights generally speaking these variants are better suited for close-quarters combat and hip firing they might be preferred depending on your play style in the situation such as what area of the map your end for most situations however the optical variants of the best as these come with a scope have better accuracy unless spread while aiming down sights finally there are the sniper and marksman variants which have scopes as well and have even better accuracy at the cost of reload speed for the m-19 16 at least my preferred variance is optical as i prefer the scope over the iron sights.

I like to play it two times magnification which one you prefer will depend on a number of factors including personal preference so i recommend playing around with each of them and switching it up depending on which map in game mode Iran finally let’s talk about the level 10 rifle the celled helps latter 1906 factory this rifle is terrible the main reason is the awful five round magazine which would be fine except the damage is the same as the m-19 16 it only has slightly less recoil and there’s no scope it might have a slight advantage in a rare 1v1 situation but in the majority of instances it is outclassed by every other rifle medics loadout for more detailed information about each weapon and comparisons i recommend visiting synthetic calm / BF 4 dash steps i’ll place a link in the description let’s take a short look at the sidearms this choice doesn’t really matter that much and in my opinion most of it comes down to personal preference I prefer the default for the nine-round magazine and good hip fire accuracy but beyond that I haven’t really put much thought into it rarely do i have to pull out my sidearm because of the 1960s huge magazine size if you have any reasons why you think one is definitely better than the others then leave a comment and I’ll mention it in a future video like the sidearm your choice of melee weapon really comes down to personal preference i like the shuffle because it’s hilarious but the pickaxe and were hatchet is a good choice to these three weapons have the highest damage of the melee weapons.

The pickaxe and hatchet can damage terrain features the other melee weapons like the knives do less damage better faster you can experiment a little here to find out which one you like best the next loadout choice you have to make is which two gadgets you will take this choice will define your place tala’aa medic well there are six gadgets to choose from i won’t be covering the rifle grenades in this video is they were highly situational first off the medical syringe this is basically required if you want to be a medic if you don’t want to take it you might as well switch to another class honestly the syringes able to revive down teammates you have not tapped out yeah you can find eligible teammates by looking for the skull icon on the game screen or the mini-map if the icon is flashing that means the person is holding down the Skip key so you may not be able to reach them in time generally speaking you should avoid going for players who are skipping as it places you at risk for no reason if you see teammates doing this a lot it’s a good idea to tell them and team chat to be a little more patient and observant after all don’t have to wait for the respond time regardless of if they skip so why not give you a chance to revive them the second slot should be filled by either the bandage pouch for the medical create the bandage pouch can be tossed two teammates and will heal them in intervals all the way to max health regardless of if they were at 99 health or one health when they received it taking damage will enter up the healing however you can store a maximum of two pouches you have to wait about two seconds between each throw and it takes about six or seven seconds to recharge I don’t know the exact maximum range for these but it seems to be anywhere between 15 and 20 meters and it’s possible that it’s affected by how quickly you’re moving toward the target the medical crate allows you to heal a large number of teammates passively in a rather large radius it’ll last until it’s destroyed by explosions gunfire and can be placed again after about five seconds.

Which one you choose will depend on the situation one thing to consider is that this game is very mobile you and your teammates will usually be moving around the map constantly so the bandage pouch is probably the best choice in most situations especially for all fence when you’re just camping around the point you’re trying to hold a location the medical create can be extremely useful since its able to heal passively and he’ll multiple teammates at once personally I run the bandage pouch about ninety-five percent of the time but then again i’m a very active and aggressive player if you’re a more defensive player however the medical crap might be the best choice for you finally let’s talk about the grenades your choice of grenade will depend heavily on the situation and somewhat on personal preference stick grenades impact grenades and many grenades are all effective against infantry as a medic there are better choices than these though but if you decide to go with them their best suited for defending chokepoints like the ones on argonne forest for killing enemies and buildings you have nowhere to run the gas grenades and incendiary grenades have similar uses and they’re both very effective at area-denial the gas grenade has the advantage of lasting longer obscuring vision and having a larger area of effect enemies can simply put on a gas mask to negate its effects however at the cost of not being able to aim down sights the incendiary grenade is also very useful it cannot be negated with the mask does damage more quickly and it doesn’t last as long and has a smaller area personally.

I prefer gas grenades because the division obscuring effects and use them the majority of the time they’re essentially smoke grenades with a smaller AOE but with a damaged very useful for offensive and defense finally there’s the light anti-tank grenade I haven’t experimented with this one much but it doesn’t seem to do a whole lot of damage and honestly your main focus as a medic shouldn’t be taking out vehicles leave that to the assaults please i would not recommend choosing this one so that concludes the first video of my medic guide also in the next video we’ll talk about some intermediate topics like the strategic use of smoke grenades how to effectively play with the squad dealing with vehicles and snipers and using rifle grenades thanks for watching guys if you enjoyed this video please like and subscribe to my channel LCL

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