Battlefield 1 LINE OF SIGHT! NEW Custom Game Mode for Battlefield 1 OUT NOW! Rules of Engagement

Hi guys and welcome to line of sight. This brand new custom game mode is now available to everyone in Battlefield 1. Today I will explain everything that you need to know so that you can dominate from the start. Line of sight is a variation of Rush but with a slightly different setup so let’s check out the rules of engagement. First of all you cannot select any other class than the scout or the medic. So no assault and no support and on top of that no vehicles. To make things even more interesting, no grenades. So you will have to customize your loadout. The assault and support class are both locked but we still have access to all primary weapons for the 2 other classes and we can still select our favorite handguns. No grenades, so the medic won’t be able to select the rifle grenades and the scout can’t select the tripwires. The normal grenades are also banned from line of sight. So no grenade spamming in this custom game mode. There are a few extra rules of engagement that aren’t clear from the start.

First of all you are going to need those medics because you will not be able to restore your health automatically. If you take a certain amount of damage and you fall back on 1 health point for example, then you will keep that one single health point for the rest of your life until you get healed by a friendly medic or until you die, which will of course never happen to you right. So for everybody else, when you die, then you will be looking at a 30 second deploy timer. So it really pays of to wait for that revive, which sometimes will never come. In the game that you see here I was revived exactly twice and the game lasted for about half an hour. The biggest reason for this is that the scout class get’s double bullet damage. This turns pretty much every scout class primary weapon into a beast that will allow you to dominate everything and everyone.

The should have called this game mode sniper’s alley instead then people would have known exactly what goes on over here. And instead of nade spam you will see a lot of flare gun spam, sometimes the entire map is lit up. There are places in the world where they don’t see that many fireworks for new year. If you want to rank up your medic class then this game mode is probably the fastest way to do that. There are more dead bodies for you to revive than you can count because you will probably be the only guy who is trying to do that. I tried to keep track of the amount of medics in this game made and and in the beginning I only saw 1 guy but as we got closer to the end of the round I was able to count 2 medics per team.

I’m sure that most people will see the benefit of having medics at some point. Line of sight is also great for all the snipers amongst us, the bullets do double damage so that means one shot one kill. You will be able to get massive killstreaks, just make sure that you select the right tool for the job. I have a feeling that the Gewehr M.95 Marksman is going to become a very popular gun for this game mode.

It really pays off to work together as a team and if you are stuck then try to coordinate an attack with your entire squad. All it takes is to kindly ask them to attack a certain point and that’s it, they will understand what you are trying to do. Another free tip, it’s a very linear game mode and a lot of snipers suffer from tunnel vision, they stay zoomed in way too long so it will be easy for you to use the sides of the map to flank the enemy team.

You will be able to sneak up behind them time after time. Have fun in sniper town, this was FOG of GAMING and I will see you on the Battlefield.

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