BATTLEFIELD 1: Gewehr 98 Marksman Review – Best Counter Sniping Setup in BF1?

Hey everyone, MapMover here and in this video I’m gonna be taking a look at the Gewehr 98 Marksman available in the scout class. The Gewehr 98 Marksman is one of three Gewehr 98 variants, the other two being the gewehr 98 infantry that uses iron sights and the gewehr 98 sniper which uses a high magnification zoom scope. First off I just wanted to say thank you to Amun Jandu for this comment and request to review the Gewehr 98 Sniper and I’ll be reviewing the Gewehr 98 Sniper variant in the future, but the reason I like the Marksman version is because it doesn’t give your position away with scope glint like the sniper version does and also because it’s 1 shot kill sweet spot range starts from 80 metres and ends at 120 metres you’re going to want a decent zoom level to make the most of engaging at those distances, but you don’t necessarily need the high power sniper optics to be good with this weapon.

The 4 times zoom level that the marksman provides should give you enough accuracy to make the most of this weapon’s sweet spot potential, but if you’re going head to head with an opponent with a sniper scope just be warned that they will have the upper hand when it comes to accuracy and if you’re trying to go for headshots at the 80 metre mark, then you might find it difficult to do so against moving enemies, whereas the sniper would find that a lot easier to do. With that said, the marksman version does have an advantage over the sniper variant in that the marksman gives you the option to steady your breath while standing and that eliminates the need for a bipod to stay accurate. Add this to the fact that you don’t get a bipod with the marksman and this results in a setup that gives you reasonably good accuracy, but with the ability to move into and out of positions with relative ease, while strafing and aiming to avoid getting hit by enemy snipers.

The marksman version really makes it quite easy to do this and when you have an enemy sniper’s scope glint in view, you may even have the edge because you will know exactly where the enemy sniper is. Just make sure not to stay out of cover for too long! Now this wouldn’t be a weapon review if we don’t take a look at the stats and so here we go.

So first off, the Gewehr 98 comes in with the second furthest sweet spot range, second to the M1903, with the Gewehr starting at 80 metres and ending at 120 metres, with a minimum damage of 80 outside of that sweet spot. The Gewehr 98 has a 50 rounds per minute fire rate and although that is the slowest fire rate out of all the bolt action rifles available in the scout class, it isn’t very far behind the SMLE with 52 rounds per minute or the M1903 with 53 rounds per minute, however the Gewehr 98s reload times are slightly faster than the the SMLE and M1903’s for example. The thing is I wouldn’t worry about these stats too much, because there isn’t much between them and when you factor in the pre and post reload delay and how little a 2 to 3 rounds per minute fire rate difference is, it all works out to be about the same from a rounds per minute perspective, but even then the gewehr 98 may feel a touch slower than for example the SMLE in those moments where you need that very quick follow up shot.

What’s more important however, is the muzzle velocity – the speed at which the bullet flies, because the higher it is, the less you have to lead your targets and the gewehr 98 has the highest muzzle velocity in the scout class at a whopping 880 metres per second, followed joint second by the M1903 and Russian 1895 at 820 metres per second. 880 metres per second is ridiculously fast and you’re probably going to find yourself overleading targets in the beginning, which will cause you to miss more than actually under leading. I found this to be not too much of a problem and after a couple of rounds I got used to the very high muzzle velocity relatively quickly.

The Gewehr 98 uses the 5 strip clip ammo capacity standard which I personally didn’t find to be much of an issue, especially when engaging at distanced enemies. Most snipers use this standard apart from the SMLE and a few others that are better suited to close quarters sniping. The Gewehr 98 on the other hand is designed for medium to long range sniping, with its sweet spot from 80 to 120 metres and with its high muzzle velocity of 880 metres per second, so you’re not going to need to worry about frequent reloads as long as you’re keeping that level of distance between you and enemy positions. If you’re finding it difficult to engage enemies with the SMLE or Russian 1895 and are finding that enemies are typically a bit further than what your sweet spot range covers, then give the Gewehr 98 Marksman a go! I’ve personally found this setup to be most enjoyable as an attacker on most operations maps and I can definitely recommend this to long distance snipers that enjoy targeting infantry that’s on the move.

If you like playing mobile by moving from position to position, while keeping a healthy distance away from the front lines and keeping enemy snipers guessing as to your whereabouts then the Gewehr 98 Marksman with a 4 times zoom level might just be the best option to go for. So there we have it, that’s all for this Battlefield 1 weapon review on the Gewehr 98 Marksman. Regardless of my thoughts here, let me know your own in the comments below and leave a like if you�ve enjoyed this video! Make sure you hit that subscribe button if you want to see more Battlefield 1 videos and As always, it�s been an absolute pleasure, until next time, have a good one all, MapMover out!

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