Hi guys and welcome to analyze the play, today I want to put some pressure on you to see if you can handle it. In the first video you had all the time in the world to figure out how to attack and who to attack first. Basically the ball was in your court but not anymore. I promised somebody called karma bad that I would show you the following play, he made a post in the comments and if you saw the comment then you might know already what is going to happen next. You just spawned near the hairdresser, that is what coiffeur means in French. And you are now running through this alley only to find certain death. Luckily you managed to escape, for now, so let’s pause the game here. You are now cornered, boxed in with nowhere to hide and on top of that you got a tank coming your way and he knows that you are there. And in his mind you are by far the easiest kill he is going to make today. You didn’t escape unscratched either, you are now down to only 19 healt.

If you watched closely then you also noticed that a friendly sniper was hiding here already, but we all know that he isn’t going to be a big help for you. So much for counting on your teammates he. This is probably the worst place to be on the Battlefield, but you ended up here so deal with it. How are you going to deal with a losing situation like this? The most likely outcome is that you’re going to die.

But are you going to die in style or are you going to let the enemy team walk all over you? So I will ask you my one and only question, what would you do? Let me know if the comments because it was very interesting to read all of your tactics from the previous video and I in fact I learned a thing or two, but I have a feeling that today is going to be even better.

As always I will share my loadout so that you know which tools you have available to you. In fact it’s the same as in the last video, but I will quickly review it for you. The automatico m1918 trench, the hellfighter m1911, anti tank mines, anti tank grenades, a light anti tank grenade and a hatchet. Have you seen the movie Deja vu with Denzel Washington, where he can rewind time to see what really happened, let’s do the same thing and let’s rewind the gameplay a little bit and we are going to stop it here. I’m 100 percent sure that you saw the tank, but did you also see the guy lying down next to the tank? The great thing about a video like this is that I can also show you the future, and I can also show you the things that you normally can’t see. So let’s take a closer look around the corner so that you can see who or what is coming your way.

Mmm, this is definitely not your lucky day, a light close support tank backed up by a support guy. At this very moment you know more than what I knew when I was playing, because I only saw the tank on the minimap, and I had less than 2 seconds to figure out what to do. So here you are, under pressure, boxed in and wounded. The enemy knows that you are here and he is coming for you. So, what would you do, how would you handle this situation? In the 2 seconds that Battlefield gave me, I came up with the following solution, are you ready? Here we go .

I was hoping that the support guy was still far away from me, or at least that he got blown up together with the tank, I dropped my guard and it cost me my life. Turns out that the guy was down to only 4 health because of the explosion. To be honest with you I was also lucky that the tank driver decided to kill the sniper first, why? I have absolutely no clue. If I had one more second then I think that I would have been able to kill the tank without him being able to fight back, saving the life of my teammate.

And I’m sure that the sniper would have been able to kill the support guy, saving my life right? Just for info this is a very dark part of the map, and I didn’t want to make it brighter in the video because I want you to be able to experience it as if you were playing the game yourself. In the next analyze the play I will put multiple plays in one video because I’m sure that you now what to expect in these kinds of videos so I will go a little bit faster.

Please let me know in the comments how you would have handled this situation, and as you know the youtube likes and shares are very helpfull to me, this was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching and I will see you on the Battlefield.

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