★Top 10 SNIPER TIPS For Battlefield 1 [Battlefield 1: Tips] [G-Legend]★

Sniping in battle field 1 is actually a lot easier than a lot of people make it out to be but it’s not super duper easy but it’s not super duper hard either it is a lot simpler than a lot of people realize so we’ll be talking about that let’s talk about the top 10 things that will help you guys when you guys are sniping top 10 tips i guess you can call this don’t try rushing with the sniper at first you need to get the hang of it guys you got to get the hang of it so stay in the back try your best to get your aim on target make sure you know what you’re doing get a feel for your weapon and when you’re ready to try to rush with a sniper make sure that you’re using an infantry variant 1 so that it doesn’t have a scope number to make sure that you remain reluctant it takes a great deal of patience to snipe correctly but eventually you’re gonna get it so make sure you stay persistent stay reluctant don’t just let it go definitely stay on that little goal that you have for yourself number three make sure that you have your site on handy at all times because you’re not always going to get the enemy and one shot even if you hit them directly in the torso alright so you get that shot you will not always get them on the first one because of something called the sweet spot and i’ll be talking about that in a different video definitely subscribe so that you can get that notification.

Anyway number for you need to understand the maps himself just the way to layout is alright delay out you don’t know everything about the map everything about its layout how it may interfere with your recon role but that’s where your patience comes in right because you’re going to actually lose a lot you’re going to get killed a lot with the sniper especially because of the landscape just where you are your surroundings it just doesn’t work for a sniper right so you have to have patience and have to learn from your mistakes you just need to end up mastering it number five make sure that your enemy is lined up with your crosshairs before you aim down sights already got to remember this is big remember you can change the color of the crosshairs and settings alright so you may have already seen that you may not have if you’re not into like going to your settings but if you’re a total trihard you can actually change the color of your crosshairs I have in the past so that may help you definitely experiment with that number six you want to try to run cable it’s alright because they allow you to death vehicles and also you can kill your enemies from farther away because of the increased damage right so if you are going up against somebody who’s really really far away you may want to switch to the K bullets and may actually help you you’ll probably do some more damage to him if you actually get a shot on target not to mention that.

Of course you can also use it against vehicles I definitely advise you guys to run the cable that’s our number seven I really really need you guys to pay attention here because this is a big one all right you want to make sure you wait a full second one second after seeing the enemy before you even pull the trigger all right you wait one second that’s one Mississippi or 1000 you wait a whole second before you pull the trigger and you use that second to actually aim your gun I know what I’m telling you guys right I know what I’m saying make sure you wait one full second before you shoot its gonna actually helping a better and it’s gonna make you you’re gonna see that you are going to get more kills sooner and then you think you’re gonna be getting more kills than more kills and more kills just make sure you follow this rule number eight remember that you can actually hold your breath or a lot of people forget this because they panic just a quick tip remember that you can hold your breath don’t forget that number 9 know your weapon understand it all right you got to know what it feels like you’ve got to know how it statistically does on the battlefield and I can help you with that make sure you click the i’m a top right of your screen it will take you to my weapon guy where we talk about statistics and percentages and that kind of thing but yeah man you gotta know this you have to know how your weapon does on the battlefield how it feels like a like right you gotta know both they don’t know how it doesn’t battlefield and you gotta know how it actually is set to do how the code of the game is actually set and you’ll learn that by going to my weapon guys are definitely consider that number-10 understand the sweet spot.

Alright my weapon guide will help you with that also but basically it’s a distance that you’ll get a one-shot kill to the chest guaranteed every sniper has its own unique sweet spot so we’ll be talking about that in the weapon guides for the actual snipers so definitely check that out now there’s one more thing that I want to mention and I didn’t include it in the top 10 because you guys I’ve heard it all over the place but it is extreme me extremely important alright you want to make sure that you master the sensitivity you want to make sure you find out what your ideal sensitivity is and use it man just use it you know what your ideal to sensitivity is I don’t know what man i know my ideal sensitivity but I don’t know yours you have to find out what yours is definitely make sure that you do that anyway I hope you guys enjoyed don’t forget to drop a like and subscribe and I’ll catch you guys in the next one.

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