★The BEST High-Level ASSAULT LOADOUT SETUP In Battlefield 1 [Battlefield 1: Tips] [G-Legend]★

So the assault class is actually known in battle field 1 for being the most versatile being your most all-around weapon class that you can get as well as being the go-to for some anti take action so we’re going to be talking about the best loadout you can get to make you the best soldier possible on the battlefield as well make you the most efficient because you’ll have all the capabilities that you can do within a soft class at hand as well as making you a better player so let’s get right into it so your primary is gonna be the hell ringer in 1915 factory in the reason for this is because it’s the level 10 gun and it is the beasts of the class i really really like this weapon now what should you do if you don’t have an unlocked because it is the last weapon that you unlock in the assault class so what do you do if you have it unlocked well then go for the automatical the automatical storm to be particular that one is your go-to if you’re have the other one unlocked but preferably go for the halloween 1915 factory that is the best gun that you’re going to need for this kind of class.

So going back to the hell ringer if you have the hell winger make sure you pick it and then the record direction you want to make sure that it’s centered as you can see on screen just make sure that you have that set to Center now your sidearm you’re gonna want the gasser m18 70 this one is your best one because it’s actually going to be a revolver and it’s going to be a little bit longer range than your regular pistol so make sure that the magnification is one point 50x that one is the best for this class moving on to the gadget one make sure you got the 80 rocket gun the 80 Waukegan is gonna be good against tanks and you want to make sure that you can actually defend yourself against the tank since you’re gonna be in a solid guy you’re going to be right on the enemy lines the tanks are also going to be there so you want to make sure you can defend yourself against those now your gadgets you’re gonna want the dynamite no dynamite will actually work against tanks and a wrkn structures and it will work against infantry that’s making it the most versatile kind of gadget you can get right now you want to make sure you’re able to kill as many people as possible with it making it the most versatile definitely run the dynamite now for your grenade you to run the incendiary grenade the incendiary grenade is the best because of the gas grenade.

It’s good but there’s no reason why you should be dying from gas grenades just press the up button or whatever but it isn’t see and put on your gas mask alright so people can always defend themselves against that but oh well time a well-aimed incendiary grenade can honestly destroy a lot of people not destroy and kill kill a lot of people and not only will they actually burn water in it they will burn as they walk outside of it and if any other teammates touch them or run over them or whatever they get burned up to so it really really helps not to mention that also blocks off any objectives and the enemy entrances anything like that so you may want to make sure you’re running the incendiary moving on to the meal a the melee is not that important to be honest you can run the pic access what I like to run with you can really whatever you like that’s just kind of a backup in soon you know your last resort to defend yourself but running whatever you have run whatever you like now moving on to some more tips hear about this about this class to make the most out of it you’re gonna want to make sure that you call out for ammo regularly ok friendly support players will see it and hopefully they will help the thing is that you want to be calling out for a lot more than you usually do because with this gun you only have two clips and sure the magazine size is pretty large it’s like 60 bullets i believe but still the thing is you only have two of those magazines and you will run out of ammo fast faster than you usually do at least that’s my experience I run out of ammo fast with this gun so you got to be constantly calling out for ammo every time that you’ll be low.

Just making a habit to request some ammo and for the second tip for this class to beefs with it you want to make sure that you keep engagements under 36 meters away from you preferably right that would be ideal since there would be a seven-shot kill at 36 meters i have a weapon guide for how the house i know this so you want to make sure you click the island top right of your screen if you’re interested in that I have a weapon guy for the hell ringer but the thing is I’m just gonna tell you guys really quick right now it’s a 36 meter seven-shot weapons so I have 37 meters it turns into an eight-shot weapon so you want to make sure you want to keep that under 36 meters preferably so if you can keep the engagement under 36 meters away from you that would be ideal i hope you guys enjoyed don’t forget to drop a like and subscribe and I’ll catch you guys in the next one.

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