★Battlefield 1 Weapon Breakdown: Selbstlader 1906 (Bullet Drop, Speed, Recoil, ETC) [G-Legend]★

So the self-loading 1906 factory actually the last weapon that you get for the man that class in battle field 1 a lot of people like this gun in battlefield a lot of people don’t so let’s go ahead and look at the actual specs of this weapon so that we can find out how this gun does on the battlefield so that Selbstlader 1906 factory has a max damage per shot of 40 damage points and a minimum per shot of 35 so you’ll never do less than 35 damage and you’ll never do more than 40 the fire rate clocks in at 300 rounds per minute and the bullet speed is a hundred meters per second approximately because the bullet speed is a little bit hard to calculate at least in my experience.

You guys already know that if you’ve seen these videos and then the max size is five so you’ll always have five bullets in the magazine so now that we’ve covered the general specs let’s go in and talk about the damage over distance so from 0 to 26 metres away from you the self learning channel 68 deals 40 damage points per shot so purple it from 0 to 26 metres you’re gonna get a 40 damage point hitmarker now when the enemy reaches 27 meters away so just one more meter the damage privilege drops it drops as you can see on screen and drives to and continues to drop until the enemy is 52 minutes away from you at that point each shot it deals 35 damage and of course as long as its 52 meters away or more and you’re still getting hit markers it’s gonna be doing the 35 shot damage which is still pretty good guys it’s still pretty good i have to say statistically the south border and actually has a pretty nice damage but there is a downfall will be talking about that later in the video so stay tuned so.

For those of us who likes simplicity the South Florida will always be a three-shot kill weapon no matter what doesn’t matter how far they are doesn’t matter how close the earth as long as you’re getting hit markers it will always be on three shot kill weapon assuming of course that the enemy has a hunter life and if he doesn’t then it’s going to have less and if he has less there’s a good possibility that it’ll be a two-shot kill weapon so you gotta ask yourself what’s not to like right well the biggest problem with the South water is that it doesn’t have a very high magazine capacity it only has five bullets in the man using that one time and you’re probably going to miss a lot of them all right i don’t know unless you’re really accurate you’re gonna probably miss a lot of them especially if the enemy is a longer range so you do have to be careful with that one so moving on to the recoil the recall is actually not very good at all in this weapon here’s a graph on screen the gun is still a three-shot killed no matter what from far away from close by it doesn’t matter but the recoil you know it may not be worth it because of that this weapon may not be worth it because of the horrible recoil but the thing is though that you have to learn how to use it right.

You got to learn how to actually aim better and that just constant actually playing without actually using it so you don’t even know man and may actually work for you you never know just try it out experiment definitely keep me updated with that but now let’s talk about some percentages in terms of recall for us that like to be statistic about things so the UH prequel is point nine percent the left recalls point one percent and the right recalls point one percent and then obviously down recoil is a 0% because there is no such thing as down recoil but anyway these percentages are actually applicable to both aiming down sights and hip firing they are the same pitfire recoil aiming down sights recalled their identical definitely keep that in mind anyway guys I hope you guys enjoy don’t forget to drop a like and subscribe for more videos like this and I’ll catch you guys in the next one.

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