Hotkey Settings are very important in battle, it could lead into confusion if not early organized..
Having a 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,-,=  Hotkey is a big NO! Since it’s hard for a player to reach a certain number pass 5


Here’s a preferable Hotkey settings using Guardian class. (They are used and altered from other several games which uses the same or near Ui)

Q- 1st Weapon
E- 2nd Weapon
C- 3rd Weapon

Z- Healing Materials i.e Potion,Meat,Cookies,Bandage
X- Usable Materials i.e Anti-Venom, Radar Detector

1- Battlefield Heal
2- Shockwave
3- Healing Beacon
4- (Reserved)
5- (Reserved)
6- (Reserved)
F- Arrow Shower

*note Reserved for future updates

Left Alt- Roll
Change Weapon- T
Special Action- U
Gesture Ui- Left Ctrl
Front Look- Left Shift

I’m an assassin (IGN: Sebastian), my hotkey settings are:

1 – Sniper Rifle
2 – Knife
3 – Pistol
4 – Potions (Bandages, Cookies, Cardiac, etc)

Q – Deadly Sprint
E – Stealth
C – Trap
V – Anti-Venom

Front Look – F

And that’s about most of all of the important stuff (I think)


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!