Atlantica Auto Move Feature

Atlantica Auto Move Feature

When you first start Atlantica you are given 7 free days to use your auto move without having to spend money in the cash shop to use it. However there are numerous quests that you when completed you can get one day teleportation and automove liscenses.

This is an awesome feature to this game because if you hate clicking or mashing your keyboard keys to move you will love this. For example you can go to Field or Town info section under the menu tab in the game and select a town or area that you want to auto move to.

Once you find the area that you would like to auto move to or the town that you want to auto move to you click it in the list and then proceed to click the auto move button.

Once you click the button you will start auto moving to your destination. However its not a good idea to get up from your chair and walk off, often times you will run into monsters and have to be able to fight them. If you have the auto battle license and the mobs are low enough level you can be confident that you won’t run into too much trouble.

If you cannot find the monsters or town that you are looking for you can use a should to see if anyone is willing to share the information on the locations of the monsters, towns, or areas on the map. To do this find someone who is willing to share and then add them to your friends list. Once you have done that you can double click their name in the community (friends) area and you will see a whisper box come up. Then you will see an action icon on the bottom right of the whisper box. Hit share info then it will bring up the field info, monster, town box. You can then click what the person needs in one of the tabs specifying the information that is needed. When you find it you can then click share. The person needing the information will then need to accept the information being sent.

This is a great feature to use when doing guild quests and town quests as you might have a mission to an area that you have never been before.

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