Ashes Of Creation [Information] Housing Guide

Everything in this thread is subject to change as and when new information is released during the upcoming months. I’m a single dwarf and gathering this information and pulling together takes time so *gives a jug of ale* be patient!

This is not a discussion thread! This is information that I’ve collected from Streams (still to catch up with more). Discord answers still need to be added and more threads on various topics to come (like Trade/Leveling/Gear etc)! I’m working hard! I’m aware documents exist already but wanted something for the forums!



A plot of land just for you! You can have taverns and inns on your freehold that allow players to come and eat your food – which will give the player benefits when doing activities within the freeholds region. Where you locate your freehold might determine how much business you get. They are also discussing the possibility of different terrain affecting your freehold e.g if you like farming/agriculture and you place your freehold next to a stream – that river can give you bonuses above and beyond what you would get located from elsewhere.

You can only own land when a node reaches stage 3 – this will help avoid land grab.

Freeholds don’t need to have housing on it -it can be fully industry based or farming etc Various skins will allow you to change the appearance of your freehold e.g make it mage themed.

Having a house on your freehold gives you citizenship to the node you want.

You can also store and show off your items, a place where you do craft, host parties ofc.

Freeholds being a safe zone is still being discussed

Freehold templates is something intrepid aims to do so that if it is destroyed the template is can be used again.


Apartments are an instanced form of housing in which a player run governments can agree to build apartment blocks in which players can rent out/buy apartments within a node (stage 4).

Renting apartments will give you citizenships to the node – the more apartments rented the higher the price scales.

Static Homes

Static homes within a node can be purchased at stage 3 and as the node progresses it can scale up to a mansion.

Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!