skaless’s Cave of Tka-Rik aka The Cave of Trials Guide

Cave of Tka-Rik aka The Cave of Trials

In this guide I will cover the starting trials, the main trials, and the loot you can receive.

Special thanks goes out to Notyou for encouraging me to write a guide on this pain in the tail section of the game, and for finding some great additional info.. IMO this is the hardest quest you will receive.

3. Starting Trials
4. Main Trials
5. Loot

OK, so you have collected all of your crystal shards, and received the Crystal Helmet. What do you do now? 
I have spent many of hours searching out a guide on the trials with no success. So, Notyou and I decided to start taking notes, and those notes eventually turned into a guide for the contest.


Start you off with a few pointers to start with. These apply the entire time you are in The Cave of Tka-Rik.

1. DO NOT remove your crystal helm for ANY reason while inside the cave. You have a debuff that will kill you instantly. This will cause you to fail the trials.

2. DO NOT leave the cave until you are finished. This will cause you to fail the trials.

3. Make sure to bring plenty of supplemental healing. There is a trial you will need this for (more on that later)

4. Double check your myrrh, I am about 90% positive most will fail their first time through

5. Remember you only get 3 tries a day to pass these trials, so be prepared, or go home crying.

6. Level 46 is required.

7. All trials are required to be done solo.

8. Be patient. Let your skills cool down between trials.

9. Make double sure you accept the quest to do them before entering the caves. It will let you start trials even if you have not.


Starting Trials

The trials are listed in the order I received them. You will probably receive a couple trials more than once per attempt. Speak with Ath Zak to start your first trials.


1. The first trial everyone receives is to chain Sarn 5 times. Trust me you will know who he is :lol: While he is chained, take a moment and kill the adds.

2. In this trial you will need to kill this guy with a lightning spell they gave you. Your normal attacks will also hit him. I think this is just to introduce you to them giving you crazy amounts of bonus skills through the trials.

3. Your first collect the orbs trial. In this trial you need to collect orbs and kill the mobs that are chasing you. You must survive for 5 minutes.
Image These blue orbs give you activated abilities.
Image The orange orbs will give you passive buffs (always active)

4. SURVIVE is the name of the next round. Here you will get waves of demons, just like the main trial. They are:

  • 1st wave – Cruel Demon Scavenger
  • 2nd wave – 2 Cruel Demon Scavengers
  • 3rd wave – 3 Cruel Demon Scavengers
  • 4th wave – 2 Barbaric (Giant worms name?) 1 Cruel Demon Scavenger
  • 5th wave – Barbaric Demon Raider 2 Cruel Demon Scavengers
  • 6th wave – A bunch of mobs. Hide in the center and Nihaz the dragon will appear.

Stand under him, close your eyes, and pray to your patron.

Once you finish with the craziness talk to Nihaz the dragon that just saved you. He will give you a quest to receive the crystal armor. 

He sends you off to talk to Aidenus. Go collect your loot and gold and such, then meet us back at the cave.

Main Trials
Ok, so now you have the initial trials done. You aren’t finished yet. Now talk to Veronika again and talk to her till she starts up the real trials. These are the ones you get 3 tries daily to complete. This will be a long winded section with few screen shots.

1. Astral Poison – This is the trial you will need all that extra healing for. Once you collect the blue orb you will be poisoned. You need to survive 3 minutes. I suggest starting with martyrs (hopefully you have this higher than r1 but it isn’t necessary). If you are married, you can follow up with a healthy snack. From here on out you can use bandages, pots, etc… Remember its only 3 minutes.

2. The Awakening – You will be surrounded by a ring of sleeping demons. You need to kill as many of these you can while they are still sleeping. After a short period they will wake up and turn into giant versions of the same thing.

3. Light and Darkness – Collect blue orbs. All are identical in appearance however some will increase your ‘light’ tally and some will increase your ‘dark’ tally. When your tally gets to 10 you will either progress 2 trials, or go back 2 trials, depending if it was light or dark.

4. Energy Orbs – On this trial you need to run around and collect 30 orange orbs. This is one of my favorites because you cannot die on this one (I think)

5. Survival of the Fittest – Here you will need to survive for 5 minutes. This is just like the one in the starting trials. The orange orbs give you passive buffs, and the blue still give you abilities. Kill the bad guys using these skills only. This is fairly simple if you can run backwards from time to time to launch an AoE ability. You also get a shield that heals you at the same time. **missing a couple of skills here, will get a new ss tomorrow.


6. Defensive Measures – Guess I was trying to leave this one out, cause I didn’t care for it. A big guy spawns in the middle. Kill him until 4 smaller demons spawn. You need to kill these fast, because if you don’t, they will heal the big guy. Each small spawn left behind will heal him for 20% of his life.

7. Keeper of Artifacts – This quest is also super easy. The Keeper of Artifacts spawns and you can buy the cave items form him with demonic souls. More on this guy and what he sells later. Tell him to leave to continue.

8. The Ringleader – Concentrate on the demonic predator that spawns. All the adds are trash mobs and will disappear as soon as he is dead.

9. Demon of the Void – Kill the Vile Demon Guardian. He will surround himself with a circle that will instant kill you if you do not leave it.

10. The Hunt – Here you will be bombarded by multiple waves of demons. The order is as follows

  • 1 cruel demon scavenger
  • 2 cruel demon scavengers
  • 3 cruel demon scavengers
  • 1 cruel demon scavenger and 2 Barbaric demon parasites (look like a boss form one of the Astrals)
  • Last wave. Kill Barbaric Demon Raider and some more scavengers, You dont have to clear these guys.

11. Creeping Doom – A circle of mobs surrounds you. DO NOT melee these guys, you will die upon contact. I suggest blasting a hole in the middle and kiting them (they move slow) and hit em with some sort of ranged AoE. Kill em all, and you are done. ***PETS ARE SAFE ON THIS ONE***

12. Curse of Time – Collect the orb. You will now die in 15 minutes. The Keeper of Artifacts can remove this. It will also remove if you leave the cave (and fail the trial) 

13. Defeating the Curse – Collect the orange orb and cancel the Curse of Time. 

14. Trial of Greed – Collect 10 more orbs. You need to talk to Veronika and give her 10 gold first, or you will take damage every time you get an orb. Sometimes the Demon of Greed shows up, but it isn’t all that hard to kill. He will drop 100g

15. Trial of Speed – This one is like survival of the fittest, except instead of living for 5 mins, you need to collect orange orbs. I believe it to be 12.

16. Scattered Souls – A spark spawns each time you kill the spark, getting progressively easier.

  • 1st wave – 1 red ring spark
  • 2nd wave- 2 Blue ring sparks
  • 3rd wave – 6 Regular sparks

17. Portal of Luck – Walk into the portal. You will either progress or regress by one trial.

18. Carnage – A bunch of small mobs appear around you. Kill 10 of these to spawn the big one. Kill the big one and you are done. You can kill 20 or 30 as well, but the boss gets pretty difficult. He does have a better chance of dropping a demonic soul though.

19. The Demons Rage – A single demon spawns. Kill it quickly. The longer you wait, the more powerful he gets. I would assume, the stronger he is, the better your chances of getting a demonic soul. You can see how tough he is by the buffs under his name plate.


When you complete some trials you will receive demonic souls. You can use these souls when you receive the Keeper of Artifacts trial. Hey, look at all them fancy mount skins in there.

This is the guy you buy yer stuff from. He spawns when you receive the trial Keeper of Artifacts.

I have received demonic souls from the following trials:

  • Scattered Souls
  • Demon of the Void
  • The Ringleader
  • Test of speed
  • The Awakening
  • The Demon’s Rage
  • The Hunt – Received if you kill the Fierce Demon Marauder before the trial ends
  • Defensive Measures
  • Carnage
  • Creeping Doom


I didn’t put the infor for the Crystal Armor / Cape from the vendor. Those are just costume pieces. The mount skins I will leave for you to look up. 

Well, that about sums it up. Cave of Tka-Rik in a nutshell. If I have left out some information, or I need to make changes, please let me know.

Jerrygarcia, 46 Warden of the AllianceII, Nezeb

Credits go to skaless.