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So, you made it to our little corner of the world and don´t know what to do?!
Fear not little Warden, here is something that can help you (if you are an Imperial Warden).

This is the map of the entire zone, the League base is placed on the top left corner and the Imperial base is placed on the lower right corner.

Empire´s starting point
This is where it all begins to Imperial players, the first thing you will see when you teleport to the zone. 
There will be several daily quests on this camp as you level up, they all have decent rewards in form of bandages or Potions of Power.

Durha the Nomadic
This npc will help you with the pot making, you just need to bring him some materials and he will turn them into something you can use to brew your Aquas. He is right next to the point where you spawn, so there´s no missing him.

Bikad the Nomadic
This is the teleport npc, she will teleport you to where you came from before you got into Kingdom of Nature.

Materials for Warden potions
Depending on your build, you can brew three different potions as a Warden (excluding refreshing potion) Aqua Vitae, Lethargy Potion and Aqua Morte. The materials to brew those can be collected from mobs or specific points.

Aqua Vitae
To brew Aqua Vitae you need to collect Vial of Thickened Blood and you can get it from the two cauldrons next to Durha.

Lethargy Potion
To brew Lethargy Potions you need to collect Glinting Crow Eyes from Primal Crows, they are next to the Imperial camp on the icy area.

Aqua Morte
To brew Aqua Morte you need to collect Beast Hearts that come from Tranquil Squirrels, Tranquil Lyn´s and Tranquil Bears. Those mobs are all the way around League camp.

Refreshig Potion
To brew Refreshing Potions you need to collect Toad Mucus from Primal Toads, they are all over the lake on the middle of the map.

Getting into Kingdom of Nature
You learn about Kingdom of Nature when you first speak with the Warden Trainer in Yasker´s Tower.

From there you can go to Wire the Wily and complete the quest she has for you.

After you complete her quest, she will have another for you, take it and speak with her again. Ask her about Kingdom of Nature and she will teach you a skill that will allow you to teleport into KoN.
*keep in mind this teleport skill has a 30 minute cooldown, if you decide to leave Kingdom of Nature, make sure you are done there.

YOU are now ready to face the world little Warden. Have fun !!!

Credits go to lazycookie.

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