AirRivals Experience Points List by enemy

Level 1 = 0 Level 2 = 91 Level 3 = 232 Level 4 = 453 Level 5 = 844 Level 6 = 1,555 Level 7 = 2,796 Level 8 =...

PhantomPhoenix’s AirRivals Legendary Items Guide

Legendary weapons are enhanced versions of weapons that are like a mix between enchanted items and uniques. Legendaries have enhanced special properties, such as an...

Xeno’s AirRivals Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to make tackle veil Ver.2 A: Combine 30 iron, 30 cadmium, 30 titanium, 5 tin edcanium, and 1 tackle veil Ver.1 at the...

XanSteel’s AirRivals Acronyms Guide

PA= power arrow RL= redline SL=starlite relic=hezmerreze relic site KS=killsteal KOS=Kill On Site MS=mothership SG=supergamble SSoC=Special Skill opening Card fSoC=Final Skill opening Card KSOS: Kill Steal On Sight KOS: Kill On Sight HKH: Hornian King Habitat HH:...

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