heinrich_hartman’s 7 Dragons Pro Tips

Here are the pro-tips given by several experienced players (credited by spark ID) during the pro-tip event. I’ve weeded out the the bad tips...

reddragonviper’s 7 Dragons Demon Ambush Instance Guide

In a far future, when all demon cities will become ruins, players will be able to search them in hope to find a Hidden...

reddragonviper’s 7 Dragons Basic Guide

CONTENT: 1. GLOSSARY 2. RACES 3. HEROES 4. ITEMS 1. GLOSSARY Population represents the scale of your castle and increases when your Building Construction Level increases. One unit of Population...

heinrich_hartman’s 7 Dragons FAQ

how do you upgrade wildland mines When you’re on your city page, you will see a blue flag and the amount of mines you have/can...

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