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I don’t intend to write a guide here that you should follow blindly, but to give you an overview of how i built my hunter after reaching Lvl 90. I will try to give recommendations for equipment, stats and skills, no real guidelines, but a possibility how to make a 90+ hunter.

So you reached lvl 90 now, by now you should have a kind of understanding about the hunterclass and most likely you made up your mind on how to skill in the future. For those of you who don’t, i will try to give you a few ideas.

For now, i can only give comments until lvl 115, if others want to add things, feel free to post it.

Overview of content

1. Skills

2. Stats

3. Equipment

4. Leveling spots

5. PvE – usage of the skills

6. PvP – few hints


[[ATTENTION]] if you wanna concentrate on PvP after lvl 114 you can restat (but that needs a master mistake from D- Shop, i recommend to simple follow the first build and! start putting skilpoints into "Slow Arrow" with lvl 127+, which ensures to keep Lvling fast

Tribrid – Lvl 90 – 114

Reasons: I recommend Tribrid for the amazing skill dead spin as an add-on. Dead spin allows you to fairly easy solo any maps you might want to train in later. Moreover dead spin is helpfull in certain PvP situations – more about this in the PvP section. You will need the Bow + Xbow for PvE and dungeons, that’s a must 90+.

About other skills:

Terrace magic: nice to have for PvE – but Lvl 1 is enough, you don’t gain much more Hp later on.
Slow arrow: it’s weak before Lvl 114, don’t bother skilling it much as it won’t help much in PvP, eyplosion arrow is better.
[Reserved for additional explanations]

skilling until Lvl 114:
– always max demo bomb, fiore nova, explo arrow, ice arrow, dead spin, wondering fire, crow wings
– max triangle shot with Lvl 105 (there u will have your first skillpoint that you dont need)

[OPTIONAL: for PvP fans] Tribrid – Lvl 114+

Reasons: Triangle Shot was mostly a filler skill on Crevice dungeon and to keep up Aoe-chains. Removed Triangle Shot (still usable, but hitting less) for Slow arrow, which becomes a nice Pk/PvP skill now with nearly 6k added damage. You will have all necessary skills for effective PvP and all skills for PvE, except for a slightly less hitting triangle shot.

-max the usual skills
-you can increase triangle shot again later on if you want to (won’t happen until 125+)
-remember triangle shot will have a 6 seconds cooldown now, so throw in an explo arrow after the first triangle shot


Strength – increases the damage dealt with dagger. [always keep it at the strength-requirement of your XBow !! ]

Dextery – increases the damage dealt with ranged weapons, increases critical rate, guard rate, block rate. [always keep at dextery-requirement of your Bow !! ] ..needs to be 2 higher if you want to use +4-6 bow, or 4 higher for +7-9 bow

Health – put all your remaining stats in there. increases def and hp (and Pk-shield).

Spirit – increases your Mp -pool … totally worthless for hunters, keep at 3 !!

stats for Lvl 90:

Str – 38
Dex – 210
Health – 209
Spr – 3

stats for Lvl 95:

Str – 42
Dex – 231
Health – 209
Spr – 3

stats for Lvl 105:

Str – 46
Dex – 255
Health – 231
Spr – 3

stats for Lvl 115:

Str – 50
Dex – 280
Health – 252
Spr – 3

stats for Lvl 121:

Str – 51
Dex – 280
Health – 281
Spr – 3

stats for Lvl 130:

Str – 56
Dex – 320
Health – 281
Spr – 3



Always use the best Xbow you can get. Put 4% ice gems in your Lvl 85,95 and 105 Xbow. When you hit 115, you can try to get 5%… these would be a waste earlier. a +4 Xbow is enough until 105.

For Bow a full socketed Bow is enough with any 4% gems you like. DONT upgrade it past +3 as it is a waste of money until 115, because you won’t use bow much. When you hit 115 you can start upgrading your Bow more and if you can afford it 5% gems.

With lvl 85 you can use the lvl 72 dagger i think, thats enough, no sockets or gems needed. with lvl 95 you can use the 78 one. with lvl 105 the lvl 85 dagger and with 115 the lvl 95 dagger..these are enough


You don’t need the best armor that bad. weapons are more important for hunters until lvl 110 you can use 21 medials and refine to +3 or +4. after that switch to 25 medials and you can upgrade past +4 if you can afford it.


Dark Eye against Magic mobs and against Segs/Mages/Summoner. Crit ring of Lvl 90 dungeon for more damage, when no real def is necessary. the other three slots i usually wear def-necklaces.


Depends on the situation. you can wear two Hp earrings, but they are expensive. if you don’t need much health, but some more damage would be nice, you can wear Dex earrings with -HP , not the best solution, but possible. other than that, dex earrings without -HP are always fine.

Leveling spots

That’s where i mostly leveled, if you have other places you like, just go there.

outside of Crevice dungeon: ( use xbow + dagger )

90 – 95
Avalon island – northeast (the little extra island) with the Gielogun lords. easy to kill, decent exp, chance to get T3 (for wings).

95 – 108
Avalon island – center at Aeris and Desayer… easy to kill, good exp.

105 – 115
Cursed Maze – only if you don’t lag much, possible to train there without using a single Hp pot. Farming for Duke vc. exp is ok, drops suck mostly. (when you enter maze go south, the first bigger room is great for soloing… but often parties there). You can easily solo far-north-east room too, with berserker and barbarian, good drops, but until 115 less exp than in the room i mentioned before.

Crevice dungeon: ( use bow + xbow here )

92 – 110
Crevice B is rather easy and not too bad exp. your job is too keep up Aoe-chains – more information about these chains in later chapter.
Crevice has 10 rounds, getting harder from round to round:
round 1-2 you can stay on yellow pad aoeing the spawing mobs a bit.
round 3-10 you stay on the white pad and keep up your aoe-chain (use curse resist gear at round 10 …helmet and armor with curse gems to get about 75% curse resist)

Crevice A is faster and gives more exp than B.. the monsters are about the same.
round 1-2 same as in B
round 3-10 you can go to white or red pad…on white you will need cirse resist again in round 10, on red you dont. again keep your aoe-chain up.

You can start getting into decent DF – parties with Lvl 95, or before with guild…use bow + xbow in DF.

PvE – usage of the skills

In Avalon – gather 3 monsters, run a little circle and use dead spin, switch to Xbow and use wondering fire then demolition bomb… everything should be dead. from Lvl 95 on Gielogun lords die after dead spin + demo bomb.

In Maze – gather 3 monsters behind you, find a 4th one, go behind it and use dead spin on the 4th monster. the 3 that already followed you won’t be able to hit you because your first dead spin hit knockbacks them. the 4th one won’t attack you because only three mobs follow you here. after that use wondering fire and demoliton bomb. If you don’t lag they are dead now. if they keep living, switch to dagger and dead spin them again with the same trick.

In Crevice – use the following aoe – chain: triangle shot -> fiore nova -> triangle shot [tab] -> wondering fire -> demolition bomb [tab] -> repeat
if you don’t lag at all you can use an explosion arrow inbetween. this chain has a high damage-output and you can constantly use it.

In DF – one important thing: dont mindlessly use your skills here. (after gathering with other parties) Check the Hp of the mosnters – ALWAYS. when they are about to die use wondering fire OR fiore nova …both will hit 4 times with a high chance of stealing the Exp for the kills….if many monsters are in a row a demolition bomb is literally destroying the monsters, nice for KSing too.

You will need money for wings and equipment and it’s gonna be expensive, i promise. that’s why i recommend soloing crespo C dungeon, it’s easy and for me it has a 20-25% chance to get a silver. just use bow/xbow until the 4 wolves and after that dagger/xbow is fine. you won’t get Exp, so rushing through unnecessary monsters is fine (you complete it with 20-25 minutes left, when you aren’t hurrying too much.

PvP – few hints

Kiting is essential for every hunter, PvP alot to get a hang of it and to know when to run and when not, when to use what skill and so on.. i’m only giving a few hints here….until lvl 115 ALWAYS use xbow + dagger in PvP.


They are already rather easy opponents, so you could simply outdamage them, but to win against higher segs (if you are really good at kiting, you can win against segnale 20 lvls higher than you)
-> if they paralyse you, they will most likely use curse field right away, if you are close to them, switch to dagger immediatly and dead spin them
-> keep them knockbacked with hard hitting skills, from time to time run away after slowing them down with ice arrow… or dead spin them of they use blood hit, which is easily interruptable
-> when they start healing, use vulnarable shot -> wondering fire -> crow wings
-> they often start with paralyse + curse field, so you can simply use dead spin right at the start and you jump immediatly out of the CF
-> when they start healing, running close them and using dead spin makes them want to attack you, since you got close… they are often an easy kill after that


-> most sums start with the new skills, don’t use dead spin at start… rely on ur hard hitting skills mostly…as they will KB them even with their new buff
-> get some distance at the start and wondering as a first skill is usefull, followed by the ahrd hitting skills (explo, ice, vulnarable… don’t recommend slow as it will often hit the pet)
-> when they are too close either kite or use explo arrow, then run close to them and dead spin them… after that wondering + crow wings and hard hitting ones again
-> keep evading the staff aoes, except palpus which can’t be evaded


-> you can’t kite, don’t bother running around much. do as much damage as possible.
-> when you use wondering fire be sure to still be within their range so that you can attack immediatly again
-> time your crow wings well, when they are in the middle of a skill and you use crow wings, you can jump out of their range and they won’t be able to cast spells until ur crow wings is finished and you run to them
-> don’t be a pussy and only use dark eye and pants lol..otherwise too easy


-> i could give a few combos, but it really depends on how the other hunter plays, you need to react fast (well once you hit 130+ it’s all about who laggs less lol)
-> don’t mindlessly spam skills here, a bad timed wondering or crow wings will cost you the victory, just practice
-> most hunters start with a crow wings right away… if you use v-shot first and crow wings after you can have the upper hand in the PvP, but depends on gears


now here starts the pain..
-> AKs mostly have maxed insens, so knockbacking them will be hard unless your Xbow is +7
-> check when to use dead spin to get the upper hand in the PvP… a bad timed one and you practically help the ak to own you (like when he’s using air smashing)
-> Aks have a lot of skills that will hit you regardless of where you are as long as you’ve been next to them, when they started the skill..that really sucks
-> you can try to suprise him by stunning him with ice arrow, then using v-shot -> explo -> run close to him and dead spin… really depends on what skill he used before and if running close to him will allow him to own you…PvP AKs alot to know their skills


bagi has +7 or higher weapon? …well in the lvl range of 90-115 you are fucked now
-> their resistance buff is the most annoying thing ever, you can’t stun them and they have a speed buff
-> if their attacks dont knockback you, you can simply outdamage them…if they knockback while u use wondering or crow wings, use it again lol… love that
-> if they knoackback you with every hit….run for like 20 secs..their resistance buff should be gone now and you should try dead spinning them (maybe use other skills before to check what they are doing)

as you can see, PvP with hunter takes alot of practice and skill, you can’t do the same all time, you need to react to your opponent perfectly and you will own, if you can’t kite good enough or mess up skills, you can easily lose.

Credits go cofex9.

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