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Staff summoner really depends on build and how nice the staff is. The rest is experience and skill in pvping other classes. To pvp other classes you gotta know how every class works in relation to summoner. Not to mention knowledge of strengths and weaknesses of every skill for all classes.

Knowledge is Power, Think with your head and you will go far in pvp/pve/party

The build
Let me begin by saying, Build is very important. The amount of HP you have greatly influences your ability to kite effectively, Staff summoner = Kiting. Its okay to receive damage but if your getting damage knock back while kiting you wont be able to cast skills.. so its important that your HP is pretty good, this can be done by using a lower lvl staff than your current lvl. In all honesty i wouldnt touch a 130 staff unless i was 155+ and even then id be using pure cons to pvp.

Lets say if your in the lvl ranges of

105-130 – Use a 105 +7 or better with nice stats
131-155 – Use a 115 +7 or better with nice stats
155+ – Use a 130 +7 or better with nice stats

These recommendations are sort of generic and really leaning towards only +7 staff. If you could acquire +8-+9 then by all means stick to that lvl build. Invest in a good weapon first. Thats the main priority, The armors can come later. (unless your a dilbuyer and you can afford it w/e get what u want)

Lets address Damage, As a staff summy you really have to be a heal build, Spr build is rubbish. With that out of the way, if you feel you need more damage even if you have a +7 already. Then invest in some Pure/unpure earrings and magic rings. If you are using a lower lvl staff than your current lvl then you wont really notice a dramatic loss in defence.

Now the build is out of the way. Lets go onto Skill build

Skill Build

At lvl 142 This is pretty much what your aiming for regarding skills. Whatever skills you wanna put on is entirely up to you after 142. Recommendations to add are:
– BloodBats
– Vicious thorn
– lvl 5 Bregon (just coz he looks bad ass)

On to the good part..

PvP tips n tricks

TB skills
Ill address the TB skills currently in possesion. Lets start off with Shadow Revenge.
-Shadow Revenge at lvl 10 gives 38% Ranged damage resistance. 2 Scenarios for this:
*You are Far away and a skill is casted towards you (i.e demo, Energetic Blade), Depending on the distance to when that skill is casted, depends on the amount of damage you will resist while under Shadow Revenge Buff.
*At point blank a skill is casted towards you(i.e devils wing, mad bloods), If you are running away and protected by shadow buff when the initial hit lands, the damage will start to reduce the more the distance is increased.

So the main advantages for Shadow revenge as a staff summoner is the protection buff, not the actual damage. Tips and tricks when to use Shadow Buff:
-A mode it before a duel with Ranged chars, or with any opponent its better to have it on than not.
-A mode it if you are paralyzed to get out of cursefield
-Use it if ever you are stunned/frozen/slow. Majority of time another class stun/freeze or slow you, they are gonna go with a big hitter. Like Bagi will shockwave you so you cant escape Outrage (the bubble thing)

Now for Every summoners Fav skill.. Dark avatar

Dark avatar is a 9 hit skill which has 5k skill damage at lvl 10. To effectively use this skill you MUST switch weapons after casting it, switch back to Staff to gain the staffs physical damage rather than a lower lvl TB. Just a lil scenario.. +9 130 staff heal build would roughly give a summoner 3600 max physical damage. not to mention staff has 4 slots for poison gems.. the extra poison gem compensates for having no Twin Mastery in effect when your using staff. The damage on mobs would roughly do 7-9k+ Normal damage..Depending on your lvl and mobs ofc.

With that out of the way, here comes the tips n tricks.
-A mode it before a duel, Most ppl instinctively run away from it.. Which is good so you can have time to cast your big hitters without worry of being skill interupted.. good to use palpus first.
-The opponent could probably get hit if they dont run.. and wil receive quiet a chunk off their shields not to mention your following up combo.
– Cast D.A If when you are kiting and the person gets too close.. cast and run.. create distance.. (they either run away or take the hit.. either way is good for us)
-At lower lvls DA is just a bluff.. but itll still take off some shield 4-9 hits on a person.. thats okay..

Thats pretty much it for the TB part, I guess i wont go into too much detail for the staff skills part. ill jus put it out in point form tips and tricks.. you can do what you want with the knoweldge.

Staff Skills
– With staff summoner the only time you should stay still and jus cast skill after skill is if you clearly outmatch your opponent, Recommendations would be to.. slow the opponent to create distance, then cast.. slow..distance.. combo.. distance.. slow.. cast.. etc etc
– Against Melee start the duel off either with A mode Avatar and create distance. When you do have distance.. use vicious thorn to slow them down(excluding bagi with resist buff), and followed by palpus to slow..
– Never Use palpus without using vicious thorn first and creating distance (xcept bagi with resist buff). Most opponents Wait for you to cast palpus cause its the longest animation skill and Mages would imitid + cruely u in point blank, AK’s use spout.. etc etc.
– Time an A mode Palpus over yourself so when classes that usually run straight at you (AK’s, TB summy) theyll get hit with atleast the poison debuff and slow.. and u have enough time to run away from their big hitter like spout..
-Use increase Poison as a Trap. A mode the thing Over urself or to another area where you run into it… and when the person is following you.. theyll get hit just as u run into it.
-Against Bagi’s, use A mode increase poison behind you or to the spot where you know ull get knocked back.. The bagi will kb you and himself into the totem poles.. Booom
-Use vicious thorn during or straight after any skill that makes the opponent have distance.. like airsmashing,shadowrevenge,igendash, infernal.. itll slow them down and u can cast palpus or avatar and save just a fraction of time to be able to run away..
-Against Mages you have to be under shadow buff, and then just bombard them.. making sure to use vicious thorn in between skills so they cant run away if they are trying to kite you.. (A mode avatar works nicely as a decoy since their cast times are slow) Mages also get skill interupted if the damage is high enough.. which is a bonus.
-Similar for hunters but dont use hell burst unless they dont kite.. Hunters can still run out of majority of staff skills if they are skilled enough.. Always use vicious thorn after nearly every single skill you do..cast hellburst if you see them begin crow wings.
-Use musfel for battles against.. TB summy, AK, staff summy and seg
-Use Agares for Mage hunter and bagi
– Against segs you may not do enough DPS on them if they keep kiting you and have poison resist… and healing. You really gota combo them by stunning with musfel and casting avatar/switch to staff then follow with big combos.. at the later lvls the lower whip build segs will have allot of hp.
-Keeping running for gods sakes dont stay in one spot you gota keep moving..preferbly while under shadow buff.

Thats it for now, cant think of anymore, the rest depends on the disparity with gears, lvls and low tactics like potting or fish users. Skill is gained with experience, dont be afraid to lose.. if someone calls u noob for having crap gears.. or being lower lvl.. they are just naive.

Easiest class to beat with staff summy: TB summoner
Hardest to defeat: Bagi, Purely because of resist buff.. There is a good strategy to defeating bagi’s as staff.. but as it is..the higher the lvl and the better the gears.. the harder it is to win..

Credits go k4kashiiii.

2 Responses to Staff Summoner Tips

  • Why would u want a lower lvl staff than your actual characters lvl? They do less damage do they not? Please explain.

  • Man, this is the best staff summoners guide i have ever seen, and i have seen a lot.

    i REALLY recomend everything that is writen in here, congrats man, u deserve it.