Kerubims Nest

take care of these mobs

example video:

first kill all mobs at every of those 3 rooms, then lower hp of each totem to a minimum. destroy all the totems within 15 seconds.

take care of those mobs:
Orange Flame Room curse resistance needed, all dmg type achievable

Blue Flame Room defense/darkeye/allresistance, blocks magical attack

Green Flame Room defense, blocks physical attack

example video:

2 different bosses, 1st one is the harder one, because he does 1-hits pretty easy (for the low hp ones very important to take care of yourself at this spot!!)

1st boss

his two summons, take care of them. they’re like piranhas, it’s important to kill them quick!

2nd boss, not that hard if you’re wearing fire resistance

his summon

example video:

this is the most trickiest part of the dungeon. mobs invisible, 1-hit bombs, using a-mode necessary, collect souls of aquirai

take care of those mobs, if you kill them, they summon 2 different kind of 1-hit mobs …

… 1st one …

… 2nd one …

there are 2 different almost invisible mobs running around, you only kill them by using a-mode. they hit not that hard, if you got enough defense and hp Wink they drop the soul of aquirai, don’t forget to collect them by pressing space, they’re hard to see cause of the texture of the ground.

1st one

2nd one

hint: after a specific time, the gate to next area opens automaticly (it’ll be announced). but you need 50 of the green ones, to open the 2nd prison gate, getting out your died mates.

EDIT by 2xE:
If you donate souls before the timer runs out you will be awarded an amount of experience based on how many souls you donated.

There are 2 Teleporters. A purple one and a Yellow one. You can tele back and forth like in the siege castle.

After this room near the prison are 2 Statues facing each other from across the hall, 1 you donate souls at, the other is this one:

Shattered stone boards (ingame they’re called broken slate, dunno y they renamed it) for this CQ can be found by farming the Aquarai mobs on the West side of Space.

To open the prison door Pull THIS lever:

Do not pull the other lever until ALL players are out of the prison or the prison door will close!!!

example video:

pretty hard, too. cause you have to kill tons of mobs, to be able to get to next part ;( all mobs in this area use different skills, like freezing, cf, kb, etc.
take care of those mobs, check the glowing color for the different type of element:

example video:

i haven’t got all infos, yet. you’re able to see this at the ??? and i don’t know what resistance, yet.


final boss, called cherubim, pure defense needed (incl. deff candies)

example video:

some hints:
– maybe you don’t have to get all the 50 archers to keep on the route, to save more time.
– if every1 stays alive at part 4, no need to open the prison. just use the teleporters to go next part
– donation isn’t needed if you just wanna farm the rewards

The final boss has a small chance of dropping an earring called Spell Plume

Stats on the earring:
+50 STR
+50 DEX
+50 CON
+50 SPR

Has a drop Rate of 75 =/. That’s the same rate as you get Angel Gold Necklaces from Lizardmen =p. Don’t get your hopes up. Likely you’ll never own one. lol

Other novelties of the 140 dungeon:

Dropped by Dikesel
Drop Rate 1000
Vado Mori
+35 Magic Damage
+32 Defense
+1% Increase Crit Rate

Dropped by Kadirun
Drop Rate 1000
Kadirun’s Red Eye
+54 Attack Damage
+32 Defense
+1% Increase Crit Rate

These mobs have a chance of dropping 140 Earrings:

    Ghost Knight
    Ghost Archer
    Ashen Sheeler

    now feel free to troll around Smile

Credits go to 19luckyluke.