Incar Skill guide including reset

This is based on using 2 skills. it doesnt matter which 2 you use, I just used fire/ice for this example. This guide also shows how to expand to 3 skills when you restat at 81. Obiously, this is all purely based on opinion, however I will also state WHY you should be upping certain skills at certain stages….. so lets start at lvl 10

You want to up your basics, but mainly the masteries. Early on, this will help you alot. Also, energy mastery will help keep you alive longer Wink Some people disagree with using it this early, however in this game, mages are a bit of a tank, and need some defense. Mainly focus on your basic spells………

At lvl 20, you get some new skills, and this is how you should look…

So now we’ve added seize nimbus and fireball lvl 2. Also upping the masteries as you go. In this case, I’ve also upped energy mastery some more as you will need it more and more. You now also get the ice skill if you went ice that gives you the ability to slow down your mobs. I personally use this ALOT, still at lvl 1, and im in my 50’s. Its a great skill to have in every situation.

Now lets look at 30…

You now get your first "aoe" (if not using lightenin), and the ice spell that puts mobs into blocks of ice. Both usefull, however lets get that fireball up. Its your most powerful 1v1 spell, however your not gonna push it past 5, you wont need it past lvl 5.

So at lvl 40, you should be looking something like this….

Now we get our famous AOEs. This is your lifeline for the next 45 lvls or so, so lets pump it asap. You are also gonna want to play catch up with the energy mastery since with AOEs mobs will hit you more now since they get closer. You want that extra defense. Right now, you should be living in instance getting to know it like the back of your hand. Stay in here til your 50, trust me, best exp around. If money is tight, when your in your high 40s, go do a AOE party in norak/castor cave lvl 2, the drops can make you some nice money.

Going forward to 50, heres how you should look….

Your gonna want to up the energy mastery, nimbus and mana force, as you will be using alot of AOEs, and should be starting to get into norak/castor cave lvl 2. You will also need to be focusing on the lvl 36 AOEs, as they will be your life line. Most parties will be AOE parties and you will NEED strong AOEs.

At 60…..

Your still AOE’n like mad, now into crespo. Up the AOEs more, and start to add the lvl 51s. I wouldnt suggest touching these until the mid 50s, as you really wont need them a whole lot. Again, your living in AOE parties.


We are now maxing the masteries, you will really need them. Also, maxing out the lvl 36 AOEs are a must. Mobs are getting much stronger and using low lvl AOEs will kill your party.

Now…….81. Heres where we do our restat…..and start to look ALOT different….

Ok we are now going to a pvp build. Reason for this is because now that we have done a restat, our AOEs are at lvl 1. Now, we didnt really touch fire because we are going to be spending the next 10 lvls grinding in an area against mobs with 55% fire resist. No need for those skills yet, but you will start to do some serious pvp. Lightening as you notice, is now our primary. Its the 2nd strongest skill from fire, and very powerful in pvp and pve.

Now heres 92, once we get our final skills….

Now we’ve maxed 2 of the 51s, and are building on the fire mastery. I wouldnt take the fire mastery to much further than this….and Ill show you why in the next screenshot. Ice is going to become your best friend with gracious eddy….

Max those 92s, with the exception of fire, since its bugged right now. Ice mastery now maxed, and your strong as hell. Keep maxing those AOEs now along with the 92s and your set.

Credits go TwistedEdge.